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Other Books I Recommend from dynamic women and a few good men featured on my radio shows:

Dream It! Do It! Author and adventurer Gin Sanders is my soul sister! Filled with great ideas for spreading your wings and trying something new.

Love my Southern gal pal, Carolyn O’Neil‘s tips. I share a tip in her book as well. Yes! Carolyn is a Registered Dietitian who sheres the right way to prepare and enjoy your fave southern dishes.

I love visiting Artist Claude Monet’s country home, Giverny outside Paris. Aileen Bordman‘s mother was caretaker. This book is the next best thing to being there. Now there’s a PBS series as well narrated by the fabulous Meryl Streep.

Filled with practical and helpful tips about the foods you purchase and prepare. Buy this book before you go shopping and waste your hard earned money buying the wrong foods! Thank you Stefanie Sacks for explaining why we need to tell some food manufacturers to “Stick a fork in it!”

This award winning  book was Leanne Brown’s Masters in Food Studies project at New York University. It’s amazing! I use it all the time to make practical recipes on a budget. The peach cake gets rave reviews from my friends every time I make it.

Nathalie Dupree is the Grand Dame of modern southern cooking with multiple award winning books to her credit. I swear by her biscuit recipe! This book is the Southern cooking bible. Praise the Lard!

Soup healed Elina Fuhrman‘s body and soul when she underwent treatment for breast cancer. This sister survivor and wellness warrior is founder of Soupelina located in Southern California, and author of this fabulous book filled with healthy information and her delicious soup recipes.

If you think growing old means losing your youthful attitude, you are dead wrong. It’s your choice to stay forever young in spirit. In “Happy, Healthy Dead” Dr. Noelle Nelson shares longevity secrets from the elite group of centurians whose attitude about aging is mind over matter: “If you don’t mind, it won’t matter.”

Let’s talk about sex! Dr. Diana Hoppe enlightens us on what puts our sex drive in either high gear or slow motion. As a food professional, I especially like the section on the foods and scents that arouse your libido. Next time you go to the movies with your signfican other, buy a giant box of Good & Plenty candies to go with that big bucket of popcorn. Yes, really!

After watching a dear friend struggle to eat during his battle with cancer, Susan Bratton decided to commit her life to providing better nutrition solutions for cancer patients. Founder of Savor Health. Susan’s cookbook offers 150 simple. nutritious, easy to digest and tasty recipes.



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