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Staying Grounded

Tone Deaf? I’m Listening and Trying

I’ve tried writing this post a half dozen times. Then something happens in the news, and everything feels inappropriate. Every time I try to write something down, I worry about sounding tone-deaf. But a wordsmith also cannot stay silent. I believe in equal rights and offering everyone a fair chance. I don’t want to see anyone mistreated and I detest racism, bigotry, religious intolerance, gender bias, ageism, sexism and any action or words that denigrate an individual, group or nationality. I haven’t marched in a protest because I am uncomfortable in large crowds and worry about getting sick. I refrain from posting many statements on […]

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Earth Day at 50- Midlife Crisis?

50 years marks the golden anniversary of Earth Day. But this year’s celebration feels more like a midlife crisis. We all need to do better!

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There Is Nothing Wrong With You

My Dad used to say with a wink, “there is nothing like a good shtupping to make you feel better.” Well (cringe) he said many inappropriate things with his dirty sense of humor and we just rolled our eyes and groaned. But a little intimacy and pleasure seem like a much better choice than many of the self-help remedies being marketed to people these days, not to mention all the pills and supplements that promise cures and then mention- in small type- dozens of potential side effects. It all starts with the premise: Something is not right in your life. […]

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I Didn’t Sign Up for This

Every day I receive dozens of emails from people and businesses I don’t know. I wonder, where did everyone I know go, and who are all these other people? I sign up for newsletters to stay in touch and enter contests to win trips. I sign up for one-time webinars to learn new things. I friend people who seem interesting online. But sometimes it gets to be too much.  One contest submission to win a trip becomes a barrage of notices and ads. One webinar becomes a weekly entreaty to sign up for a class series or purchase coaching sessions. One […]

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The Four Pillars of Natural Healing- DailyOM CoFounder Madisyn Taylor

I am a big fan of the nuggets of inspiration I receive in my inbox from DailyOM. So I was delighted to receive a pitch about its Cofounder, Madisyn Taylor, whose best-selling books include” DailyOM: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy Healthy and Fulfilling Day,” and “DailyOm: Learning To Live.” Madisyn’s new book is “Unmedicated,” which chronicles her struggle with anxiety and panic attacks from an early age. At one point Madisyn’s doctor told her, “You’re the sickest person I know, and I have no idea what is wrong with you.” Madisyn discusses how she weaned herself off prescription medications that were doing more harm than good […]

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