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Women at Work

The Power of the Pocketbook

Almost every woman I know carries a pocketbook or purse. It could be a designer bag, a clutch, a leather tote or cloth sac. It could be filled with a wallet of credit cards, a wad of cash or an envelope of “mad money.” What’s more important than the style of the bag or its contents is its impact. As a follow up to the International Women’s Marches held January 21st, this Wednesday, March 8th, is officially “International Women’s Day.”  It has also been designated as “A Day Without a Woman.”  Women around the globe are being called on to […]

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Put Time on Your Side- Fearless Fabulous You!

The sun is out. You’re sitting at your desk working and enjoying the view outside. It may be morning or afternoon. Your call. You’re getting the work done on your time. No one is looking over your shoulder, watching you punch a clock. You’re making money in a stress-less environment and giving yourself time for You. Maybe you are making money in your sleep with an automated business. No matter how you shape your day, time is on your side. Sound good? You bet! Increasingly I meet women who have ditched the traditional corporate life to create a business model that […]

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Lessons in SHEconomics- Why Supporting Women in Business Matters

In college I studied economics as part of my major, and I hated it! I just couldn’t wrap my head around discussing business calculations using the term “widgets.” I’d tell my professor, “Let’s speak a language I can relate to, like shoes instead of widgets.” In 1989, without having taken a single business course, I launched and ran a very successful public relations agency for over 20 years. I tell people my business education came from Street Smarts and the School of Hard Knocks. You find your niche and do it well and promote like crazy. You do something right; you learn to […]

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Getting Things Off My Chest: A Bitter Pill To Swallow: The Cost of Getting Sick

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 I was running a successful wine and food public relations agency, eating at the top restaurants and visiting the world’s great wine regions. Five years later, I came to a point where I considered applying for food stamps. My income was dried up and I was behind on my house payments. How did this happen to me? I learned I was not alone and should not be ashamed. I decided to speak out and learn more. According to a University of Michigan study  25 percent of breast cancer survivors reported financial […]

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It’s No Secret- Code is Key to A Girl’s Future

In a recent issue of MORE magazine entrepreneur Susan Lynne, founder of BBG ventures, an company than investments in women-owned tech startups said, “Learning to code is far more valuable than learning to speak French. Coding is a universal language. It allows you to work wherever you want.” I filed that one in the back of my mind. Growing up as a teen the word “code” was usually associated with “secret” and “Morse” and the only languages offered in my high school were Spanish and French. Today “code” means the language of technology, and it goes far beyond gigabytes, search engine […]

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