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Second Chapters: She Left the C-Suite to Become a Cannabis Entrepreneur

Think you need a college degree to get ahead much less become President of a multi-billion business? Think again.  Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Bill Gates never graduated college. Look where they are today? That’s not to say having a college degree and, better yet, a Master’s Degree, won’t matter. They do, especially in the corporate world and in academia. But, you can succeed in other ways. That’s the story of Stormy Simon, a single mom who started as a temporary worked at and worked her way to the top to become President. During her tenure, Overstock became a top 25 […]

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Here’s to Olderpreneurs! Why Starting a Business After 50 Makes Sense

While many decry the lack of women at the top of the corporate chain at Fortune 500 companies, there is much to be said about the numerous successful women entrepreneurs who are making their mark.  A few stats from Women own 10.6 million businesses in the U.S.A. They employ 19.1 million workers- one in every seven employees. Their businesses account for $2.5 trillion in sales For many women starting a business is their only option for financial security and independence. This is especially true for women over 50 who are finding their job prospects tougher than ever in the workforce, or whose […]

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Second Chapters- This Woman Had a Career Do-Over Giving Beauty Makeovers

    She Helps Women Put their Best Face Forward Picture this: You are a single Mom in a job you hate. Your crave time to spend with your family; yet you need financial security to support them. Then the unthinkable happens……..Read on Gail Sagel left a fast paced career in finance to start a beauty business in Connecticut where she lives. It’s called FACES Beautiful®. Gail’s “Life is short; Live on your terms” moment came when she was hit by a car while riding her bike.  During her months of recuperation she rethought what she wanted out of life and […]

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This Filmmaker Nails It

Watching “Joy Joy Nails,” written and directed by Filmmaker Joey Ally makes you uncomfortable. Like nails slowly tapping a table, it gets your attention.  An official selection at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, the film highlights the untold truth, abysmal pay, racism and sometimes violence that women endure in the roughly 2,000 nail salons across New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, originally inspired by the excellent New York Times investigative report, “Unvarnished.”      Joey is a  young filmmaker with several credits to her name, with a focus on women. Her other films are “Minimum Wage” and “Partners.” Her production company […]

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Pay Up!

April 4th is Equal Pay Day in the USA. This date symbolizes how far into the year women have to work to earn what men earned in a previous year. Women working full time are paid 80 cents for every dollar a man makes working full time according to the Economic Policy Institute. The date changes annually. In 2016 it was April 12. The 2016 Equal Pay Day Presidential Proclamation stated that women were making 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. So….Women are earning 1 cent more on the dollar this year and equalizing out seven days early. […]

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