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Fearless Fabulous You!  The Show Must Go On

I wrote this watching the Tony Awards. It was a joyful night of celebrating amazing live theater. Sadly, a real-life tragedy played out in Orlando, Florida, less than 24 hours earlier, marking another black spot in America’s history. We ask “Why does this happen?” But there is no suitable answer. We ask “How can we continue to let this happen?” But there is no suitable answer. We ask “When is it going to stop?” But there is no suitable answer. What we do know is the show must go on. Bad things happen. But we must not let them stop […]

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A Bad Break Should Not Put the Brakes on Your Outlook

At least once in your life you may experience a bad break or a traumatic experience. It could be a cancer diagnosis, the death of a loved one, a marriage gone sour, or loss of a job or business. Setbacks and stumbling blocks are facts of life. Some situations are more difficult than others, and the healing process may take more time and effort for some. Survivorship has many faces and paths, but there is one common destination: recovery. There was a point in my life where I faced a fork in the road after a series of setbacks that could have stopped me in my tracks. […]

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