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My Husband Has Another Woman. It’s OK.

My husband has a new gal-pal to chat with, Amazon’s Alexa. Should I be worried?

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Fearless Fabulous Tips To Start Dating Again

Are you getting over a breakup or about to break off a relationship? Are you newly single and a little timid about re-entering the dating scene? Let’s face it….many of have been down that road. We may end up taking different directions, but we can all agree that it is not an easy journey! On the March 2nd edition of Fearless Fabulous You! relationship expert, Susan J. Elliott, JD, M.Ed., will help you learn to jump back into the dating saddle again with confidence. As with anything, re-entering the dating scene is a process. Susan’s new book, Getting Back Out There: Secrets […]

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Words from My Dad

My Dad left this world November 2, 2009. I saved a few emails that he always wrote in CAPS. I told him “Dad, when you send emails in CAPS it means you are SHOUTING.” He responded, “I am deaf in one ear. That’s why I shout, even in emails.” But I wish I could still hear his voice. When people leave you sometimes it’s their voice you  find you miss deeply. I miss Dad’s soothing voice when I was having a panic attack, his encouraging voice when I was pitching new business, and his commanding voice when it was time to “march […]

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Having The Last Word

We’ve all heard the term “famous last words.” But what about the having the final words? My friend and fellow author, Barbara Musser, wrote an article whose words resonated with me. She said, “Had I known that my last conversation with my mother was the final one before her sudden death, I would have chosen to say other things to her.” Here is the full post: It’s ironic how often I choose my words so carefully when I write and so carelessly when I address people in my life who matter. Do you do this? Do you brush someone off when […]

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