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Physical Beauty

Fabulous Finds for Your Skin

 Yes, I Dew! I’m lucky. People send me interesting products to taste, sip, apply and try. Many don’t quite past muster, but when they do, I enjoy sharing them. Since I just wrote about thick skin, this one seemed kind of appropriate. I may have thick skin, but it’s also super sensitive when it comes to scrubs and other exfoliants. I want to keep my skin smooth, but most scrubs are just too abrasive! That’s why I like the Dew Puff Original Konjac Sponge -a 100% natural konjac root plant fiber sponge. Konjac root is known as “elephant yam” in Japanese. Just add […]

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How To Get Your Glow Going- The Natural Way

Do you glow? I don’t mean in the irradiated sense or sparkled up with bling bling. I mean a glow that is your natural radiance. The “glow” is when your skin is clear; your hair shines, your eyes are  bright; your energy is strong. You exude vitality and brilliance that cannot be purchased in a bottle or wrapped around your body. Clothes, jewelry and makeup can enhance your glow, but they cannot create it or replace it. Many say being in love and having a healthy fulfilling sex life helps. I agree, because your glow comes from inner peace, a sense […]

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Want To Look Better in 2016 Without Dropping $20,000?

An article in the January 8th Wall Street Journal called “The High Price of Beauty” revealed what four women spend annually to maintain their looks. Average cost? $20,000. For some that’s a child’s school tuition. For others it’s a mortgage. For these women and many others it’s annual maintenance. I used to be that woman. I’ve been a beauty junkie who has spent a small fortune over the years. I still have drawers and bowls of beauty products to show for it But what needed fixing first was my self-image. This couldn’t be treated with shots, creams and serums. I still value a great […]

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These Fitness Gals Know How To “Kick Asana”

Yogi Katharine Lucic and cycling instructor, Katie Lucas, are the Brooklyn, New York-based co-founders of Ohm K,  a lifestyle wellness brand committed to empowering women. Ohm K was created to promote the message that women of all shapes and sizes should be able to feel good about where they are, who they are, and what they look like right now! The creative artist community of Brooklyn NY (also where the line is designed and produced) inspired the current fresh and cheeky slogans like, “KICK ASANA”, “YOU HAD ME AT OHM”, and “OHM MY GOD BECKY.” Tees,  tanks, and crop tops from $30.00.   Through the sales of different Ohm K designs Katie and Katharine support causes […]

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Getting Things Off My Chest: Face Value

I recently watched a moving video where Academy Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o discusses how as a young girl she prayed to God to lighten her skin. She said she was teased and taunted for her dark complexion and felt that by lightening her skin she would be perceived as beautiful  Tears welled up in her eyes as she shared her story of believing she was ugly:  “As a teenager my self hate grew worse….My complexion had always been an obstacle to overcome….I had begun to enjoy the seduction of inadequacy.” Video LInk Meanwhile, I keep receiving promotional ads […]

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