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Nutrition and Diet

Is Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Really That Good for You?

The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) has debunked the theory that following an alkaline diet can improve your health and reduce your risk for cancer, stating, “What you eat can have a profound affect on your cancer risk, but the acidity or alkalinity of foods is not important. Instead, focus on making dietary choices that can truly affect your risk.” The AICR has launched a campaign to hep bust common myths and present science-based facts about cancer prevention. (link) As the recipient of numerous publicists’ pitches on the benefits of an alkaline diet, risks of high acid in your […]

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Probiotics Versus Enzymes: Digesting the Difference

Many women experience digestive issues during different times of their lives. Taking birth control pills or antibiotics, dealing with chronic stress, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and an imbalanced diet are just a few reasons. You may have read or heard about the benefits of taking probiotics and enzymes for your digestive health. But do you know the difference? Here is a short explanation. Probiotics are living bacteria that the human body needs but does not produce. Probiotics help support your digestive system to help it function properly.  Since the human body does not produce probiotics, you need to consume […]

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Want to Change Your Life? Change Your Habits

The main reason diets don’t work is people don’t stick to them. It’s a commitment. Your relationship to food is more than about what you eat. It’s emotional. Many of us eat and drink to nurture our spirit as much as to nourish our bodies. Maybe it’s time to change your behavior and not just your diet. That’s one of the many messages from Dr. Deena Solomon, who tackles weight loss from a cognitive behavioral perspective- aka “retrain the brain.” Dr. Solomon says, “While others view food as an addiction, and overeating as a disease that must be cured, I see eating […]

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They Get You By The Nuts

When I was a young girl, my parents would take me to the local ice cream parlor. My Dad loved hot fudge sundaes and every time he ordered one he would say, “They get you by the nuts.” What he meant was that there was always a surcharge for adding nuts to his sundae. I think of my Dad every time I eat an energy bar. I think they get you by the nuts.   Remember the movie “Mean Girls?” The Lindsay Lohan character, Cady, suggests to Mean Girl Regina that she eat energy bars to lose weight. Regina takes Cady’s […]

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A Mystery Meal Cooks Up Inspiration

The invitation was sudden, subtle and enticing. Boarding the bus to New York this past week, we ran into someone we’d recently met at a dinner party.  He quietly came over to us after we were seated and said, “Would you like to come to my house for a mystery meal?” “Why not!” We answered, intrigued with the idea. Let’s face it: David and I have been in a dining rut at home eating various versions of greens, beans, mushrooms and fish every night. We could use a little mystery to spice things up. He asked us about our food […]

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