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Just Because It’s Good for You Doesn’t Mean It’s Right for You

good for you

I am pitched on a range of products and protocols that are intended to be good for you. They claim to improve your health and well-being. I keep an open mind, but I always peer into the science behind the statements. I question, “How does this work for women of all ages and backgrounds and when does it not appropriate for someone?” I’ve been schooled in the “not one diet fits all” theory of healthy eating. There are general guidelines to follow: eat more plants, leaner protein, and better fats; consume less sugar and simple carbohydrates; avoid processed foods; drink […]

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Vegetables for breakfast. Why not?

I like savory breakfasts. I’m not talking about bacon, sausage and eggs. I like vegetables for breakfast- sautéed mushrooms and spinach with a poached or hard boiled egg, roasted beets in my Greek yogurt, warmed-up leftover vegetables over toast, or kale or spinach smoothies with berries. I even like a cup of vegetable soup for breakfast. My physician recently informed me my blood sugar and cholesterol levels are slightly elevated. I know this means further editing to my diet, moving more and keeping stress levels in check. The start of the day is a great place to start. Various studies have shown the benefits of eating a […]

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Just Chew It! Digest These Tips

Let’s face it. We’re all going to over-indulge this Thanksgiving. It’s the national day of giving thanks and stuffing….your mouth. Rather than ruminate over calories, just try to adjust the quantity of what you eat and enjoy more leftovers for the weekend. Consider hosting a Thanksgiving leftovers potluck party and invite friends to bring over theirs. Or, freeze leftovers and reuse later in the winter. My husband is actually un-thawing last year’s Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and stuffing as I write this. It’s just us two this year at the table, so we are having a hybrid “Thawsgiving” combined with some […]

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Probiotics Versus Enzymes: Digesting the Difference

Many women experience digestive issues during different times of their lives. Taking birth control pills or antibiotics, dealing with chronic stress, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and an imbalanced diet are just a few reasons. You may have read or heard about the benefits of taking probiotics and enzymes for your digestive health. But do you know the difference? Here is a short explanation. Probiotics are living bacteria that the human body needs but does not produce. Probiotics help support your digestive system to help it function properly.  Since the human body does not produce probiotics, you need to consume […]

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Don’t be Blindsided  Because You Lack Long-Term Vision

Sometimes we’re so busy moving through life just getting the work done in front of us that we don’t see what lies ahead. Long-term vision is important to help you reach your life or career goals, but too often we’re wearing blinders. So, what happens? You can get blindsided. You wake up one day and realize time slipped away and you are further from where you hoped to be. Maybe you find your career has languished, or a relationship falters, or finances are stagnant. Whatever it is, you wonder, “can I ever get back on track?” Of course, you can. […]

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