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Fearless Fabulous Women: This Single Mom’s Nutrition Curricula Helps Families Nationwide

I’ve known Lynn Fredericks for years and have admired her work to promote a nutrition and healthy eating curricula in schools through her nonprofit Family Cook Productions. A fellow member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, Lynn left the PR world in 1995 to pursue her calling to make more family time cooking time. The decision came at a time when Lynn was going through a divorce, and cooking with her two young sons was her recipe to reduce tension and bind the small family together. Lynn is an example of turning an adversity into opportunity. Family Cook Productions has grown into a national program reaching 200,000 parents and […]

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Simply the Best Workout Barre None!

I’ve been an exercise fanatic since my mother took me with her to her fitness studio in Chattanooga when I was a young girl. I’d roll around the mats and stretch with bands while my mother jiggled on machines. I started ballet at the age of 5, modern dance at 12 and performed in my high school modern dance troupe, Terpsichord. Over the years I’ve joined both fancy gyms and YMCA’s and taken numerous classes and personal training sessions. I have Dancercized and aerobicized, practiced Pilates and various kinds of yoga. But the fitness program I believe delivers the best […]

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Why Supporting Women Matters- A Visit with Wendy Diamond -Dec 21 on Fearless Fabulous You!

When I first met Wendy Diamond in the mid 1990s we connected instantly. I was running my eponymous public relations firm, and she was launching a cookbook entitled “A Musical Feast.” This brunette bundle of energy with the blue-green magnetic eyes had managed to secure recipes from everyone who mattered in the music business, from Aerosmith to Madonna to Mick Jagger, for her book whose sales raised money for charity. The next time I saw Wendy she was in People Magazine with Hootie and the Blowfish (recipe contributors) and embarking on a multi city book promotion.  A second cookbook with recipes from […]

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Him for the Holidays? Tips on Bringing Your Guy Home

I used to dread going home to Chattanooga for the holidays when I was single. My mother would always invite eligible men to various dinners to meet me.  Most often they were soft, menschy types and this gal liked athletic, preppy boys. Some were interested in meeting other men and not me.  I sighed with frustration hearing comments from family friends like, “Such as shame she hasn’t found a nice man yet.” Note, “she” was usually in the room within earshot. My worst holiday dating experience was when I brought my sophomore college boyfriend home after Christmas. My mother came out […]

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A Clutterfly Seeks Her Wings

My cousin, the Artist Hunt Slonem, is a Collector with a capital “C.” His various and beautifully appointed homes are filled with carefully curated collections from gothic furniture to butterflies to top hats and harps, not to mention his own amazing paintings. I admire his passion for collecting and for the fact that his things bring him Joy. Check out this recent Architectural Digest piece on Hunt. I have a mother with a house filled with art, various stuffed animals, purple ephemera of every shape, size and hue, gifts from friends and fans, and souvenirs from her travels, charity fundraisers, […]

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