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What Made These Two Die Hard Vegans Start Eating Fish?

Authors of “The Vegan Cheat Sheet,“ Amy Cramer and Lisa McComsey have been vegan eaters for many years. Amy teaches vegan cooking classes and is founder of Vegan Eats  which produces grab- and- go vegan meals sold in Whole Foods stores and online. Lisa is an avid marathoner, cyclist and widely published freelance writer. They live the vegan lifestyle. Or at least they did. In their new book, “Seagan Eating” (Tarcher Perigree) Amy and Lisa explain their choice to go “seagan,” as in adding fish to their vegan diet.             Here is a big reason these […]

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She’s Got Your Back! Fearless Fabulous You! July 25

Reports have stated that a sedentary life is not great for your health. Poor posture such as slouching can affect the health of your spine. Long periods of inactivity can lead to obesity, poor cardiovascular health, diabetes and even some cancers according to this report by The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. During the summer many of us travel by car or plane long distances sitting in cramped spaces which is not good for our health. Adults often take on physical activities with properly preparing their bodies. Dr. Charla Fischer, a spinal surgeon with Columbia University Medical Center, will discuss […]

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Fearless Fabulous You! July 25- Why Does Eye Disease Affect More Women Than Men?

Did you know 2 out of 3 visually impaired people are women? One reason is women are living longer. Family history can also be a factor in your eye health. It’s an unfortunate fact that women are at a greater risk than men of developing serious eye diseases.  It’s estimated two-thirds of all blindness and visual impairment occurs in women. Dry eye disease, cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma are all diseases which affect women at a higher rate than men. Although there are no cures for these diseases, there are steps that you can take to prevent the risk of disease and maintain […]

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July, 18, 4pm EST on Fearless Fabulous You!

Imagine living and working around the world on your time with your son, while making money for your self and making a difference for others through coaching and philanthropy. Sounds good, right? Meet Stephanie Synclair. After working 10 years in corporate America, Stephanie hit a rut and completely changed her life. In the last 7 years, she’s published 5 best selling business and lifestyle books as well as helped hundreds of women completely transform their lives by building their own 6 figure and multi 6 figure brands. In Stephanie’s latest book, “Shut Up and Do the Work,” she outlines five character traits […]

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Is Your Elderly Parent Eating Properly? Fearless Fabulous You! July 11

Remember when your Mom used to bug you about eating your vegetables when you were a child? Well, in my case the shoe is now on the other foot. My 80ish young at heart mother does not like to eat vegetables. Nor does she like to cook. Her meals consist of supermarket takeout or restaurant leftovers or, sigh!, slices of cake and pie. She has a wicked sweet tooth. I worry she is too thin and malnourished; she brushes it off as earning the right at her age to eat whatever she wants if it tastes good. According to the nonprofit […]

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