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Facing MBC: Kelli Davis Says “Not Today”

Kelli Davis

Metastatic Breast Cancer, MBC for short, is Stage IV breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast to another organ or part of the body and is incurable. Approximately 1 in 3 women with early stage breast cancer will develop Metastatic Breast Cancer, and six percent of patients have MBC at first diagnosis, known as “de novo.” Medical advancements have enabled people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer to live longer with a better quality of life. I had the honor of interviewing Kelli Davis, an MBC Thriver, for my podcast Fearless Fabulous Tips for Healthy Living (iHeart Radio). Kelli was […]

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How to Stay Emotionally Connected During Social Isolation

Social isolation can have a negative impact on your emotional and physical well-being. Here are tips to cope and maintain calm.

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S/heroes Among Us

In my new series S/Heroes Among Us, I spotlight women making a difference. Meet Becca Stevens, Founder of Thistle Farms.

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Lessons from a 10-Year Breast Cancer Survivor to Her Younger Self

– and to those facing the breast cancer journey You’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer and you are numb and scared. Your world just turned upside-down. Let me help you set it right. I am 10-year survivor, diagnosed August 6, 2009. I was in your shoes that day, shocked, freaked and little ashamed that I’d allowed my health to get away from me. You see, I am a control freak in so many parts of my life. Yet, my world then felt spiraled and out of control. But not for long. The few people I told at first all had […]

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The Lost Kitchen-Fearless Fabulous You June 19

In “The Lost Kitchen,” a daughter writes a memoir of caring for her mother with advanced #Alzheimers. The more than two dozen recipes she shares capture memories of her mother and remind us that writing and cooking can be therapeutic. Meet poet and author, Miriam Green, on #FearlessFabulousYou June 19th 12 oon EST W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestReddit

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