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Attitude Adjustment

Want to Appear Ten Years Younger? Try This…

Lie about your age? That’s right! If you are anywhere upwards of age fifty or older and reconsidering a new job or career, or re-entering the job market, you may need to lie about your age and your experience on your resume. That’s what I have learned after having an executive recruiter review and rewrite my resume. I was shocked! She told me to: Shave 10 years off my experience (aka “age”) Add as many computer skills as possible Add my college grade point average and remove the year I graduated Change my address to New York City Blur dates It was […]

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Never Silence a Songbird. Never Dash a Dream.

I recently watched a movie about the Italian singer, Andrea Bocelli. There is a defining scene where an opera critic tells Bocelli he doesn’t have a voice for opera. Bocelli vows never to sing again. A friend convinces Bocelli to work with an operatic voice coach and not give up. Bocelli went on to become one of the world’s most renowned tenors. Imagine if Bocelli had just listened to that one critic.   When the actor, Sidney Poitier auditioned for a role early in his career, he was told to “stop wasting people’s time and go out and become a […]

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Don’t be Blindsided  Because You Lack Long-Term Vision

Sometimes we’re so busy moving through life just getting the work done in front of us that we don’t see what lies ahead. Long-term vision is important to help you reach your life or career goals, but too often we’re wearing blinders. So, what happens? You can get blindsided. You wake up one day and realize time slipped away and you are further from where you hoped to be. Maybe you find your career has languished, or a relationship falters, or finances are stagnant. Whatever it is, you wonder, “can I ever get back on track?” Of course, you can. […]

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Why Thick Skin Matters at Any Age

Thick Skin. Thin Body. Here’s my healthy top for the week: Maintain a thin body and thick skin. The former will help reduce your risk for several major illnesses including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and stroke, diabetes, back and hip problems and certain cancers (just to name a few examples). The latter will protect you against mental erosion and self- esteem sabotage. Thick skin will protect you against ageism, sexism and all sorts of discrimination you may face in life. It will keep you centered when doors slam in your face and you face a thousand “No’s” before finally hearing “Yes.” It will […]

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All Rise!

Sometimes it takes reaching your lowest point to rebuild the foundation to rise up and resolve what lies in front of you. Many of us have been there. You can continue to spiral downward or steer yourself to reverse the course. Seek help and build a support system. Everyone could use guidance, even the counselors and coaches who guide others. But, at the end of the day, it is up to you. I continue to be amazed and inspired by women who have turned their lives around and who are willing to share their gritty stories to help others realize […]

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