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Attitude Adjustment

How to Stay Emotionally Connected During Social Isolation

Social isolation can have a negative impact on your emotional and physical well-being. Here are tips to cope and maintain calm.

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There Is Nothing Wrong With You

My Dad used to say with a wink, “there is nothing like a good shtupping to make you feel better.” Well (cringe) he said many inappropriate things with his dirty sense of humor and we just rolled our eyes and groaned. But a little intimacy and pleasure seem like a much better choice than many of the self-help remedies being marketed to people these days, not to mention all the pills and supplements that promise cures and then mention- in small type- dozens of potential side effects. It all starts with the premise: Something is not right in your life. […]

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Exploring Pause-Abilities

Sometimes no news is good news compared to bad news!

Sometimes pushing the “pause” button can be a good thing.

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Rules Matter Unless They No Longer Make Sense

I was never great at following directions or rules. I always tried to rework everything and asked too many questions. It was more why and why not than okay and I accept. I spoke up and disregarded people who told me to “shut up.” Rules do matter. Guidelines are good. But if they no longer make sense and seem archaic, then speak up and figure out a way to rewrite the rules. For years – centuries- we’ve lived in a country where rules and laws were made and set by a majority of men. But times change and rules should as well to stay current with the times. They need need revisiting, especially when […]

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My Dad Wasn’t Perfect. And I Forgive Him.

My Dad told off-colored jokes, made suggestive comments about women and was the first to plant kisses on a woman’s cheek and embrace her without asking. He did it all with a sense of humor and good nature because he thought women were amazing. He married an exceptional one and raised another and he put us both on pedestals. When I’d blush or roll my eyes at his off-color comments, he’d laugh and nudge me saying, “Melanie, your Dad’s just a Dirty Old Man.” People who knew my Dad would understand that he would never do anything to intentionally insult […]

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