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Attitude Adjustment

When Breaking Up Is Hard To Do- Tips To Make It Easier

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you’ll face a breakup. I’m not talking about calling it off with a significant other or divorcing a spouse or anything involving a romantic relationship. I’m talking about breaking off with people who provide you goods and services, perhaps for many years. And then one day you decide to make a switch. Maybe you were unhappy with someone’s services. Maybe you felt you needed a fresh look or new approach. Maybe a better offer or price presented itself and you wanted to give it a try.  Maybe you moved neighborhoods or cities. […]

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Thanking & Giving: A Steady Diet To Nourish Your Soul

Most of us will gather around a Thanksgiving table laden with food and surrounded by family and friends. We’ll stuff ourselves silly, share laughs and take photos. Some of us may visit a soup kitchen, stop by a church or run in a morning Turkey trot. It will be an abundant day filled with gratitude. But after the meal is over and the table is cleared here are two morsels to keep fresh forever: Thank more. Give more. Being thankful is not just for a special occasion; it’s a way of life. The simple words “Thank you” can nourish the spirit […]

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The Best Cure for Anger? Get Active!

I’m usually not a nervous eater, but the night of November 8 watching the presidential election results on television I reached for everything in sight to stuff my face. Like a bad hangover, my lethargy and unease lingered for days. I found reading Facebook posts and watching the news upsetting. As the week progressed I found myself less upset by the outcome and more anxious by the outpouring of anger that resonated coast to coast. People were angry before the election; people are angry after. If I felt anxiety as an adult, I can’t imagine what young kids watching the news […]

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How to Be a Go-Giver Versus Go-Getter

“She’s a real go-getter.” I’ve heard that line more times than I can count. It’s a compliment for anyone who likes to take action, try new things, set goals and achieve results. A go-getter makes things happen. She’s an energizer. There’s another type of person. That person is a go-giver. She’s someone who focuses her energy on giving over getting. She seeks to give more of herself than get more from others. Achievement is measured by the meaningful things she does rather by the many things she achieves. A go-getter can also be a go giver. The two are not mutually exclusive. […]

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Brave Is the New Beautiful

I believe the most beautiful women are the ones who are brave. These are women who are confident in their bodies, cool under pressure and kind to others. They face fear calmly, deal with setbacks as deftly as they can, avoid the pity party and pay it forward. Brave girls focus on self actualization not self criticism. They may step out of their comfort zone but know when to lean in for help and when to lend a hand to offer help. Brave girls respect others and treat them with kindness even when others are less kind to them. They put on a strong front even […]

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