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Defy The Challenges and Define Yourself

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditWhen you think about it, there only only a few moments that really define your life: There are the ones that give and take life: the day you are born and the day you die. There are the moments, or occasions, that define how we live our life: marriage, having children, buying a home, career choices, moving towns, pursuing a passion. And there are the days that change us and our perspective, for better or for worse. A cancer diagnosis, or any life threatening illness, falls into this category. It doesn’t happen to everyone, and you ask, “Why did this happen to me?” […]

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My boot camp for being resilient, resourceful and ready to kick cancer’s butt

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditThis blog is about being resilient. I took a bad experience, breast cancer, and used it to toss out anything that was negative in my life to create balance.  I started the journey overweight, unhappy and stressed and ended up where I am today: in a great shape mentally and physically, looking ten years younger and feeling stronger.  I plan to share my tips with you, my readers, and invite you to share yours. This is not about just fighting cancer, although much of the content will address it and, specifically, fighting breast cancer. I want it to be about more, about reinvention […]

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A Breast Cancer Survivor Bares All

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditThis is a blog about being resilient. About facing down a life threatening illness, in my case breast cancer. The statistics are scary: One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Well, I was one of those one in eight. I was diagnosed in August 2009 at age 50 with Stage 2A breast cancer and tumors in both breasts. My prior mammogram taken just a few months earlier came through with flying colors. I found the large lump during a breast self-examination…in Italy…on a dream trip. Except I had a bad dream in the middle of it. Once […]

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