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Text In the City

If anything comes between me and my husband, David, it will be a cell phone. It is interesting how something that is intended to connect two people can actually distance them because someone is spending more time posting comments and photos than looking into your eyes and holding a conversation. It’s not just him.  We are both guilty of socially isolating ourselves to the point where I check in with him and up on his whereabouts on Facebook. He documents my life and whereabouts his phone (Yikes! That Slutty Mrs. Santa photo is viral!) Why? Because we live in a society […]

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Arouse your Inner Aphrodite Dec 29 on Fearless Fabulous You!

Ears will be burning and so will my show topic December 29 on Fearless Fabulous You! on W4WN– the Women for Women Network. My guest is Barbara Musser,  who served as my “sexpert” in my first book, “Getting Things Off My Chest: A Survivor’s Guide to Staying Fearless & Fabulous in the Face of Breast Cancer.” We will dedicate the show to addressing questions about intimacy and sexuality, not only after cancer but also during and after menopause, divorce and a myriad of stages in one’s life where you may need some additional mental lubrication -and a bit more – to reconnect with your sexual […]

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Thoughts on Staying Om for the Holidays

Some people view the holiday season as one of high festivity. Others view it with high anxiety. I bounce back and forth and I find many people feel the same way. Maybe it’s because we are bombarded with temptations to shop more, eat and and drink more and be on our cheeriest best behavior. Maybe it’s because the year is closing to an end and we start to reflect on what has/has not happened in our lives. Maybe we lost someone we loved or have yet to find someone who wants to love us back. For me, I reflect on […]

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Stress Less Holidays on Fearless Fabulous You! Dec 22

How many of you experience holiday stress or anxiety. I know I do. It’s hard to explain when this should be the “happiest time of the year.” Many feel anxious because they lost a loved during the year, and this is the first holiday season without that person. Others feel the financial strain of buying gifts or a pressure to be “festive” when their feelings are less so. Some may be taking stock of their year or their lives and wondering ‘what’s next?” Many people are simply over-scheduled with holiday events and family obligations and not taking time to relax, exercise or […]

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Pray It Forward

I am counting my blessings this season and especially during my week long visit to my hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee. You see, people in the South have a habit of blessing you often and for many reasons, As in: “Have blessed day!”-  Cashiers seem to say this a lot. “God bless you” – Said anytime for any reason. Not limited to sneezing. “Count your blessings” – What people say when you say life is better or just the same. “Did you say the blessing?” – Said before meals and usually after I have started eating. “You have my blessing.” As in […]

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Gifting Women on Fearless Fabulous You! Dec 15

This is a special giving show featuring gifted women with gifts to give….just  in case you haven’t finished all that holiday shopping! My first guest is someone I know from both worlds of restaurants and philanthropy. Los Angeles based Barbara Lazaroff, ASID, is a designer and product developer, restaurateur, author and mother. A talented business woman as well as creative artist, Barbara is the brand co-founder and interior designer of the acclaimed restaurants, Spago Hollywood, Spago Beverly Hills, Chinois in Las Vegas and Santa Monica, California.  In 1994, Barbara co-founded the Wolfgang Puck Food Co. and was the director of Restaurant Design […]

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Their Lifestyles Became Their Brands: Dec 8 on Fearless Fabulous You!

My December 8th show features two women who are lifestyle brand ambassadors for their specific way of living, both through their image and products.  They have each built successful businesses loving what they do, living how they want and sharing it with others.  I’m going to ask them to share with you the secrets to their success. My first guest lives on a farm in the Santa Monica Mountains outside Los Angeles where she has made successful career as a professional interior designer real estate developer. Andrea Schroder has built and sold over 15 custom homes, as well as remodeled residential […]

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Starve the Fear; Feed the Goal

When she changed her thought process from “If Only” to “What If?” her world opened up. #fearlessfabulousyou Are you suffering from Iffluenza? It’s a common ailment that affects millions who wallow in hesitation and wishy-washy wishing. Common signs of Iffluenza are A) Using the words “if only” to put road blocks in front of your way.  B) Being iffy about making decisions and taking steps to pursue goals and C) Putting too many “Ifs” – conditions and stipulations – in the way of making progress. If doubt is blocking your route to the next stage of your life, maybe it’s time for […]

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Fear- Less; Face Up: Dec 1 on Fearless Fabulous You

Anxiety, Fear and Doubt…Wouldn’t it be great if these three words were replaced with, Confidence, Courage and Self-Trust when it comes to a woman’s well-being? Especially a young woman. My December 1 guests on Fearless Fabulous You! are two women who are addressing these issues in different ways to help women, especially young women, believe they are fearless and fabulous. There are more than 20 million high school and college-age girls in the U.S., each of whom has her own hopes and dreams. Today young women have more career and life choices with the right education, mentoring and a strong […]

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