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 Zoom and Gloom- Staying Virtually Fabulous 

Just when I thought I had mastered disconnecting to find better balance in my life, the COVID-19 pandemic turned what was right side up, upside down. Life has become a virtual reality tied to clicks, mikes and screens. Some of it is great and other times…..well, let me put it this way: Sometimes I want to scream at the screen and tell people how to conduct themselves. I’ve seen the tops of more heads over the past six weeks. And distorted faces. Zoom has been great for connecting people, but many have no idea how to use it. The first few minutes […]

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A New Normal? I Got This! What Having Cancer Taught Me About Living Through a Pandemic

I never thought I would live through the crisis of a pandemic. But then I never thought I would hear the words, “You have breast cancer.” Both can derail your life. Or you learn to adapt to the new normal. And living through a pandemic will result in a new normal, much like living through a war or cancer.

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Earth Day at 50- Midlife Crisis?

50 years marks the golden anniversary of Earth Day. But this year’s celebration feels more like a midlife crisis. We all need to do better!

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Pan-fried and Stir Crazy- Six Degrees of Isolation

Our lives right now could be called “Six Degrees of Isolation.” They mirror Dr. Elisabeth Kübler–Ross’s five degrees of grief with a bonus: Denial: This really couldn’t be happening! Anger: I am so frustrated and angry this is happening in the world! Bargaining: I promise to wear my mask and gloves going out and will wash my hands and sanitize regularly; just please keep me healthy! Depression: I feel helpless and sad.. So many people are dying? When will this end? Will things every be back to normal? Acceptance: Well, let’s just make the most of this situation. It is […]

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Why Did It Take a Pandemic to Do This?

As we move into another week of shelter in place (SIP) that may or may not end April 30, everyone is learning to adapt to less space and more time to fill. I’ve noticed a few interesting developments in the conversations I have with people and see online. Even though we remain in isolation, we stay connected. Here is my “Why Did it Take a Pandemic to Do This List?” 1 Get creative and crafty. People are working with their hands as a form of stress relief. Some are returning to former hobbies or testing skills to learn something new. I have […]

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