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Staring at a Blank Page

Blank pages: Stare at them or start writing. Tear them up or make an airplane to fly. Your choice. #fearlessfabulousyou


Happy New Year! I just turned a new chapter in the book of my life. I am still staring at a blank page wondering how I choose to fill it. The keyword is “choose.”

My January 1st birthday ended in “zero.” I celebrated in a way to completely forget about my age to focus on being with friends in beautiful places, enjoying copious amounts of good wine, generous laughter and a starlit night bursting with New Year’s Eve fireworks on a beach.

Now, I stare at a blank page asking, “What’s next?”

None of us know what the future will bring. But we all have the capacity to shape it through our words and actions, relationships and beliefs.

Some people say we live in uncertain times. But was there ever really a “certain time?” The only thing that is “certain” is that time passes. We have the choice to make things happen for us or to let things happen to us. I have done both; sometimes the choice is not yours. Things happen. But choosing how to handle a situation, good or bad, is your decision.

The year is new. The page is blank. How do you choose to fill it?

Start by writing down what you belive in, how you feel, what you hope for and where you hope to be. Then, each day do one thing- just one- to move you closer.

There are no right or wrong options. Except one. Doing nothing. Leaving the page blank. An empty story.

You have too much to share, and to be, to leave the page blank. Start writing and doing.

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