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Meet New York Times Personal Health Columnist Jane Brody

I was super excited to have Jane Brody, best-selling author Personal Health Columnist for The New York Times, join me September 19 on Fearless Fabulous You! Jane reports on health and nutrition with a keen sensibility and dedication to providing factual and helpful information and articles to “help people to lead better lives.” Time Magazine has called her the “High Priestess of Health.”  Her bestselling books include “Jane Brody’s Nutrition Book” and “Jane Brody’s Good Food Book,” among others.


A sister breast cancer survivor, Jane was honored September 17 at SHARE’s A Second Helping of Life fundraiser in New York City, an organization I have supported since its inception 15 years ago. SHARE provides valuable peer support to women with breast or ovarian cancer.



During the show, Jane shared a hew interesting nuggets

  • passionate about exercise, she walks and swims almost daily, and she just bought a new bike to ride about NYC!
  • she feels the hysteria over GMO foods is unfounded and says, “even cancer drugs are genetically modified.”
  • she advocates for following mainly a Mediterranean Diet- “eat what grows from the ground”
  • She says “stop smoking now!”

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