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Fearless Fabulous Women- Tae Yun Kim- Martial Arts Master

A Martial Arts Master Conquers Her Past and Builds a Future

Imagine if you were a very young girl and your family told you were “worthless,” “a bad omen,” and basically unwanted. Imagine they just abandoned you. Imagine being under siege in a war and watching a friend die next to you. Then your beloved brother commits suicide.

You know the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” Well, read further….

Tae Yun Kim is a martial arts master and entrepreneur.  She shares her inspirational story and motivation in “Seven Steps to Inner Power – How to Break Through to Awesome.”

Dr Tae Yun Kim, Martial Arts Grand Master

Kim endured hardships many would buckle under. Abused by her alcoholic father and neglected by her mother, she was abandoned by both parents. Left to her grandparents, she became fascinated watching her uncles perform martial arts. She convinced her family that despite being a girl, she wanted to study martial arts, and they relented.

After emigrating to the USA with her family, she took on a hotel housekeeping job. She says even cleaning toilets gave her clarity on what she needed to do to get ahead, To make ends meet she started teaching martial arts on the side in a garage. Eventually she opened her own school and started a then successful technology company.

Hear more of Dr. Kim’s inspiring story in this edition of #FearlessFabulousYou



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