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How to Be a Go-Giver Versus Go-Getter

“She’s a real go-getter.” I’ve heard that line more times than I can count. It’s a compliment for anyone who likes to take action, try new things, set goals and achieve results. A go-getter makes things happen. She’s an energizer.

There’s another type of person. That person is a go-giver. She’s someone who focuses her energy on giving over getting. She seeks to give more of herself than get more from others. Achievement is measured by the meaningful things she does rather by the many things she achieves.

A go-getter can also be a go giver. The two are not mutually exclusive. But many people focus too much on getting more and giving less. Its not just about making money and giving it to others. It’s not only about making time to spend with others. It’s also about giving yourself time and care. It’s not about giving things to people; it’s about giving people things to feel happy about, especially when they need a boost. People may be intrigued by a go-getter but less intimidated by a go giver. Both are inspiring in their own ways.

A go giver thinks about making the day better even if the tasks are mundane and the list long. It’s about focusing less on what you need to do as a task and more on what you want to make happen as a purpose. So start by waking up and thinking about how to give the day your best attitude and effort, for yourself and for others.

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