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Hope & Expectation

Two sisters, Hope and Expectation, sat on a bench one day looking at a distant cousin, The Future. The Future was tall and towering. But she was surrounded by a dense fog making it hard to see her fully.

“I hope The Future will be all right. I have faith that things will brighten up for Her,” said Hope.

“I expect The Future will be fine. I have invested considerable time and effort into making sure this happens for her,” said Expectation.

“But what about Uncertainty? He seems to be a big influence on The Future,”  said Hope.

“Uncertainty is just temporary distraction for The Future. I expect things will be just fine. I’ve planned too well for her,” said Expectation.

“I hope so,” said Hope.

The next day a giant plane crashed into The Future and she fell down.

Expectation cried, “I thought The Future was better and stronger than this! I worked hard for her to be that way and expected her to withstand anything. I am distraught!  I did not plan for this to happen. My hope for The Future has been destroyed!”

Hope looked at Expectation and said, “Maybe you expected too much from The Future. Your disappointment seems not because she fell down, but because she did not rise up to your expectations.”

Expectation said nothing and just looked sadly at the distance at the empty space. After a long period of silence she looked at Hope and slowly said, “Maybe we can rebuild The Future. Maybe we can make her better and stronger!”

Hope looked at Expectation and said, “I hope so. I have faith in The Future. Don’t worry. I will stand by you.”


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