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Breast Cancer

Where There Is Help There Is Hope

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThis week, I breathed two sighs. One of Hope and one of Sadness. And I think many other women did as well. Hope is because a new study came out stating that many women with early stage breast cancer may no longer need to undergo chemotherapy treatment. As with all studies, there are particulars, such as the cancer cannot have spread to the lymph nodes and the patients had to be sensitive to estrogen and negative for the protein HER2. This is a major advancement for the approximately 260,000 women diagnosed with  breast cancer each year.  In The New York Times article, “The […]

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Let’s Bust a Few Myths About Your Breast Health

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailI never thought I’d say how much I enjoyed reading a book about breasts, but I highly recommend the new release: BREASTS: The Owner’s Manual by Dr. Kristi Funk, a board-certified breast surgeon and founder of The Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills. You may have seen or read about Dr. Funk recently. She’s appeared on “Good Morning America,” “Megyn Kelly Today” and numerous other national media outlets.  And her name made headlines after her patient, Actress Angelina Jolie, revealed in a New York Times op-ed her pivotal decision to have a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy to reduce her […]

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Seven Things You May Not Know About Breast Cancer, and Should

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailI am an eight-year survivor of breast cancer. Thankfully, I am healthy. When October rolls around, and the pink party starts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I contemplate what it means to be a survivor, and I think back to when I was diagnosed and underwent a double mastectomy in September 2009, and what a mind-numbing out- of -body- experience it felt like. Your body and your life are altered forever. During October, news reports splash with the latest research, survivor stories or a celebrity revealing she has been recently diagnosed and her message to others. There are pink product promotions, pink […]

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New Developments in Breast Reconstruction

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailI always feel a little wistful on National Cancer Survivors Day which falls on the first Sunday in June. I’m a member of a club I never wanted to join, and yet I am proud to call myself a survivor.     The recent news that singer Olivia Newton John was diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer after more than two decades triggered some anxiety that many survivors feel. Recurrence or another cancer lurk in the back of your mind like a dark shadow. But then, you need to remind yourself: Live now; worry less. Darice Lang is a two time breast […]

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10 Steps To Reduce Your Risk for Breast Cancer

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Did you know only about 10 percent of breast cancers are hereditary? While you can’t control certain factors that may impact your risk for breast cancer, such as being a woman, getting older, race or ethnicity, you can be proactive about how you take care of yourself. Lifestyle factors play an important role in many cancers including breast cancer. The American Institute For Cancer Research states that about 1/3 of the most common cancers in the U.S. could be prevented through weight management, a healthy diet and daily exercise. Those three steps can make a big difference! Here are 10 steps to take now that I’ve compiled from three […]

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My Fearless Fabulous Next Chapter

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThis week marks my third season hosting my national radio shows, Fearless Fabulous You! ( and The Connected Table LIVE! ( I created my shows because I wanted to use my voice to share stories of interesting people and inspire others. The work has been hard but completely gratifying. I’ve met so many wonderful, gifted and giving people along the way, from medical experts to authors to entrepreneurs. I’m still looking for show sponsors and partners and welcome referrals. In the meantime the nicest thing you could for me and for my guests is to please tune in and share my shows. LINK TO IHEART  LINK […]

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Fearless Fabulous Women: Wit & Wisdom from a Young Breast Cancer Survivor

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailImagine. You are young, married with four sons, full of energy and gorgeous. You find a lump on your breast. It tests positive for cancer. Your world turns upside down. You feel lost. You have radiation, reconstruction, complications. It’s all complicated. Where do you turn for support? It happens more than you think. Breast cancer affects women (and men) of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. It’s hard on everyone, but especially hard for younger women who may be of childbearing age or raising children, or who are single and dating, or starting a new career. You feel shot down […]

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New Cookbook Offers Meals To Heal and Help Cancer Patients

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailOne of the toughest challenges for me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer was enjoying food. Here I was a well connected professional food and wine consultant with a welcome seat at all the great restaurants in New York City, and food no longer appealed to me. It wasn’t that I stopped liking food. It’s just that while I was undergoing chemotherapy treatment the smells, sight and taste of many foods  were off putting. I simply either had no appetite or was fearful of become nauseous from eating anything. Constipation from medication was a constant, and that only added […]

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When the Cancer Doctor Becomes the Cancer Patient- Lessons Shared by Dr. Susan Love

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailDr. Susan Love, author of the best selling “Dr Susan Love’s Breast Book” and founder of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, has made it her life’s mission to pursue research to find both a cause and cure for this disease which affects 1 in eight women. Her commitment to help end cancer became even more clear when Dr. Love was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012 and experienced being The Cancer Patient. I heard Dr. Love discuss her personal experience and how it impacted her view as a medical professional at the 2013 National Women’s Cancer Survivor Convention in Nashville. I was taken […]

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Are New Breast Screening Recommendations Hit or Miss-Guide(d)lines?

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailWhen I heard the news that the American Cancer Society revised its guidelines for mammograms and clinical breast exams I thought about my friend Julie. She was diagnosed at the age of 44 with stage 4 breast cancer and died two years later. No family history; average risk. A mammogram found Julie’s tumor. Under the new guidelines Julie may not have had that mammogram. Neither would have other women I know diagnosed in their early 40s with early stage breast cancer who are still alive thanks to early detection. Despite criticisms that mammograms can result in false positive reports, especially for younger women […]

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