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Getting Things Off My Chest: Are You Short Selling Your Self?

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail I believe everyone has a story to tell. Many have several. Just as the average person dreams 4 or 6 times a night, I think an average person can spin 4 or 6 great stories about her life. I attend many women’s networking events. Women seem to network more than men who usually go for drinks or sports outings while we gals attend wine and food events and empowerment programs. I’m frequently dismayed at how some women are reluctant to state who they are, promote what they do or present themselves with confidence. Some neglect to present themselves at […]

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Fear- Less; Face Up: Dec 1 on Fearless Fabulous You

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailAnxiety, Fear and Doubt…Wouldn’t it be great if these three words were replaced with, Confidence, Courage and Self-Trust when it comes to a woman’s well-being? Especially a young woman. My December 1 guests on Fearless Fabulous You! are two women who are addressing these issues in different ways to help women, especially young women, believe they are fearless and fabulous. There are more than 20 million high school and college-age girls in the U.S., each of whom has her own hopes and dreams. Today young women have more career and life choices with the right education, mentoring and a […]

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The Glass Wall

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailEveryone always talks about “The Glass Ceiling” that women face to get ahead in their careers. The old boys network is usually blamed along with good old-fashioned sexism.  But I find there is also a glass wall erected by other women that is equally unsettling sexism. You may have experienced the glass wall in business or socially.  It might be a subtle snub, a touch of aloofness in the conversation or a verbal  “I am simply too busy with…my work, my children, my commitments… to make time for you, or simply no response. It might be an indirect hit such as […]

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Power to the (PR) People

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailWith close to 30 years working in the public relations profession, sometimes with mixed feelings about my career choice, I am going to get this off my chest loud and clear: The next time someone disparages the public relations field or publicists in front of me, I am going to speak my mind and not mince words. “Power to the PR People.” I am in the middle of promoting my book, Getting Things Off My Chest: A Survivor’s Guide to Staying Fearless and Fabulous in the Face of Breast Cancer.” The experience has given me new respect for skilled […]

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Step Up To Your Platform

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailFor years I thought the term “platform” referred to shoes or staging at an event, or what you stood on at a train station.  But in today’s marketing jargon, “platform” has a new meaning in a bold new world of self-promotion. As in, “What’s your platform?” or “You need to build a platform.” Or, “I’m switching platforms.” A “platform” for the uninitiated is the basis for which you build your brand or image. Social media increases your platform. Scandals make it shaky. Sometimes one platform becomes unsteady, and you need to build another. If you don’t cultivate your platform it gets walked over […]

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