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Making Things Happen

Shine A Light- One Simple Step Can Brighten a Day

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailMake the Call. Take the Call. It matters. #fearlessfabulousyou Remember the song “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand.” It was the debut song for Diana Ross when she left The Supremes and struck out on her own. And it was a huge hit. Remember when  AT&T had a campaign called “Reach out and touch someone” in 1979? Now how many of us actually reach out and call anyone these days? Most people send text messages, post comments on social media or send emails. The days of picking up the phone or sending a handwritten note have gone the way of the typewriter. My […]

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Why It’s Important To Speak Out

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThe only thing as disturbing as a voice that had been silenced is one that refuses to speak out.  Apathy is even worse than acrimony. Because apathy is about being indifferent versus helping to make a difference. Last week was Equal Pay Day. The date, April 10, was significant because that is the date in 2018 it would take for women’s earnings to finally catch up with what men earn. Women still make around 80 cents on the dollar to men and about $10,000 less in annual salaries. But don’t just blame the system. Too often we just let it happen by not speaking […]

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Give It Your All. Just Don’t Give It All Away

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailDo you feel over-extended? Many of us do. Eager to please and with a desire to succeed at what you set out to do, it’s easy to say “Yes” to every invitation and opportunity to meet, network, collaborate, socialize and support. Humans are naturally bonding creatures, and we want to make people happy and also feel good ourselves. But spreading yourself too thin can cause you to lose focus. And it can also impact your overall health. You don’t want to be so busy helping other people water their lawns to grow their dream garden that the grass turns brown and wilts under your […]

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State of the YOUnion

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailHow are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Are you still on track? If you find yourself in a make ’em, then break ’em mode, you are not alone. Research data has shown that 80% of people break their New Year’s resolutions by February 1st. Read this article. So, if you feel you’re back to your old self in this new year, here is what you can do: Make a FABuary resolution to accomplish Just One Thing. Forget the long list. Just focus on the one thing you can do and stick to it. Keep a journal to document your progress. Sometimes it’s easy to […]

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Super Women. But Not Super Human.

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailHow does she manage it all? You may wonder this reading about a woman you admire or a friend who is constantly juggling many projects. The answer is: She doesn’t necessarily. Something must give. Or she has help; she delegates. Recently, I spoke on a panel called New Year. New Career hosted by the New York chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier, a national organization whose members are comprised of leading women in food, fine beverage and hospitality. I was one of four panelists who shared their career transition stories. The other three were: Joan Coukos, an investment banker turned chocolatier whom […]

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Here’s To the “Trouble Makers”

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailI have a soft spot for trouble makers. But these are not the rabble rousers armed with animosity who incite violence and criminal acts. I’m talking about the people who question outdated rules and conventions that no longer work and challenge behavior that for too long has been inappropriate and unjust. They speak out when others remain silent and take action when many hold back in fear of what people will think. They question the “norm” when it no longer feels comfortable and right. They are deemed unconventional in the face of convention. They are full of conviction when others remain complacent. People sometimes refer to them as […]

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Finding Inspiration in the Face of Challenge

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailAlmost weekly I’m pitched stories of inspiration from women who have experienced life altering challenges. They have faced near death, disease, loss of income and security, loss of a loved one and physical and/or emotional abuse. What they all have in common is that, despite being whacked down to their knees, these women did not lose their will or spirit. They may waiver but they never give up. Here are their lessons I share with you: It’s good to walk away from something that is harmful or that no longer serves your purpose. But you cannot run away from the challenge ahead. You have […]

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Pay Up!

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailApril 4th is Equal Pay Day in the USA. This date symbolizes how far into the year women have to work to earn what men earned in a previous year. Women working full time are paid 80 cents for every dollar a man makes working full time according to the Economic Policy Institute. The date changes annually. In 2016 it was April 12. The 2016 Equal Pay Day Presidential Proclamation stated that women were making 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. So….Women are earning 1 cent more on the dollar this year and equalizing out seven days […]

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Let’s Get Real About “Fake”

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail “Fake” is a prevalent four letter F-word in our vernacular these days. A few examples: We have accusations of “fake news.” Entrepreneurs talk about “fake it til you make it” to succeed. Scammers create fake Facebook profiles to recruit “fake friends.” There are fake claims by products delivering skewed marketing. There are fake foods posing as nutritional. There are fake celebrities on social media. And there are fake statistics feeding the fake news as indicated by this article in Forbes magazine. “Fake” seems to be a new reality these days.  The Urban Dictionary has many uses for the word.  Fake can […]

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The Power of the Pocketbook

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailAlmost every woman I know carries a pocketbook or purse. It could be a designer bag, a clutch, a leather tote or cloth sac. It could be filled with a wallet of credit cards, a wad of cash or an envelope of “mad money.” What’s more important than the style of the bag or its contents is its impact. As a follow up to the International Women’s Marches held January 21st, this Wednesday, March 8th, is officially “International Women’s Day.”  It has also been designated as “A Day Without a Woman.”  Women around the globe are being called on […]

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