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Endocrine Disruptors: What You Should Know

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailYou may have heard “endocrine disruptors” mentioned in association with certain cancers, like breast cancer. But do you know what they are and where they lurk in your food, home and personal care products? And do you know why it matters to your health? Endocrine disruptors are industrial chemicals used in herbicides, pesticides, detergents, children’s toys, plastic bottles, metal food cans, flame retardent products and personal care products including cosmetics. (to name just a few examples). Endocrine disruptors can wreak havoc on your body’s endocrine system (e.g., hormones) and your long-term health. Endocrine disruptors are extremely risky for pregnant women and can cause […]

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Where There Is Help There Is Hope

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThis week, I breathed two sighs. One of Hope and one of Sadness. And I think many other women did as well. Hope is because a new study came out stating that many women with early stage breast cancer may no longer need to undergo chemotherapy treatment. As with all studies, there are particulars, such as the cancer cannot have spread to the lymph nodes and the patients had to be sensitive to estrogen and negative for the protein HER2. This is a major advancement for the approximately 260,000 women diagnosed with  breast cancer each year.  In The New York Times article, “The […]

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More Smart Sip Tips & New Regulations to Note

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Talk about raising awareness of from you lips to your hips! While everyone was enjoying their Mint Juleps to cheer on the Kentucky Derby and Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo last week, a new Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A) regulation was rolling out requiring restaurants and other dining and drinking establishments with more than twenty locations to list calories counts for cocktails, wine and beer. The guidelines were announced earlier this year. You can watch the recent NBC News report here. Like the calorie counts we see on menu items at similar establishments, these are intended as helpful guidelines to educate consumers […]

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Give It Your All. Just Don’t Give It All Away

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailDo you feel over-extended? Many of us do. Eager to please and with a desire to succeed at what you set out to do, it’s easy to say “Yes” to every invitation and opportunity to meet, network, collaborate, socialize and support. Humans are naturally bonding creatures, and we want to make people happy and also feel good ourselves. But spreading yourself too thin can cause you to lose focus. And it can also impact your overall health. You don’t want to be so busy helping other people water their lawns to grow their dream garden that the grass turns brown and wilts under your […]

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Five Tips To Preserve Water

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailI once had a playmate who had never seen running water in a home until she visited mine. Her name was Willow Faye, and she was one of my mother’s students at a special needs nursery school. Her family lived in rural Tennessee. That was the early 1960s. And yet, even today… Roughly 1.3 million Americans still don’t have hot and cold running water, a bathtub or shower or a working flush toilet. Many more don’t have clean water that’s safe to drink. At the same time, Americans that have clean, running water at home use nearly 100 gallons a day, […]

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The ABCS of Getting Your ZZZZs

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailWhen it comes to what’s happening between the sheets, most of us are not getting enough….sleep. According to a 2015 report by the National Sleep Foundation who issues an annual Sleep Health Index™…..”45 percent of Americans say that poor or insufficient sleep affected their daily activities at least once in the past seven days.” Furthermore, the National Sleep Foundation says:   “[a]n estimated 18 million Americans have sleep apnea, a sleep-related breathing disorder that leads individuals to repeatedly stop breathing during sleep. Not only does sleep apnea seriously affect one’s quality of sleep, but it can also lead to health risks […]

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Meet Weight-Loss Expert Liz Josefsberg- Fearless Fabulous You!

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailAs an overweight teen and later a Broadway actress, Liz Josefsberg felt the pressures of battling her weight. A veteran of the weight-loss industry who lost- and kept off- 65 pounds herself, Liz has worked with celebrity clients (e.g., Jennifer Hudson, Katie Couric, Jessica Simpson, Charles Barkley) and everyday people to help them manage their weight. Her book, “Target 100” streamlines the weight-loss process into six sensible easy-to-follow guidelines. Liz’s approach makes losing weight and staying in shape fun.   “Six Targets. One Number. Zero Punishment” Here are Liz’s Six Targets to get started: 100 grams of carbs daily […]

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Getting Hygge With It

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailJust around Groundhog Day I find myself in a self-imposed winter exile. I stay home, write, read, practice yoga and eat simply. But by week’s end I usually have Saturday Night Cabin Fever and feel restless. It’s especially hard around Mardi Gras (Feb 13 this year) when I long to prance in the streets with my New Orleans pals sans heavy coat and scarf. I enviously follow friends on Facebook who are living or traveling in warmer climates snapping selfies in their sarongs and sun dresses Yes, my MOJO has FOMO (fear of missing out). That said, a recent article I read in Time Magazine says my quiet country life is The New Thing. It’s […]

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Stuff Your Bird. Not Your Body. Thanksgiving Tips

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailGobble this up……. The average individual consumes 3000 calories during a Thanksgiving meal. Add wine and cocktails, and this number can top 4500, according to the Calorie Control Council. That’s more than double what our daily caloric intake should be. We all want to enjoy our holiday meal and not worry about calories. An occasional splurge is part of giving thanks with family and friends. But, there are ways to incorporate moderation into the celebration and feel better the day after. 1. Eat lightly the day before with a focus on fresh vegetables and fiber. 2. Crunch it! Snack on an apple, sliced raw veggies or a handful […]

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Seven Things You May Not Know About Breast Cancer, and Should

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailI am an eight-year survivor of breast cancer. Thankfully, I am healthy. When October rolls around, and the pink party starts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I contemplate what it means to be a survivor, and I think back to when I was diagnosed and underwent a double mastectomy in September 2009, and what a mind-numbing out- of -body- experience it felt like. Your body and your life are altered forever. During October, news reports splash with the latest research, survivor stories or a celebrity revealing she has been recently diagnosed and her message to others. There are pink product promotions, pink […]

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