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Getting Hygge With It

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailJust around Groundhog Day I find myself in a self-imposed winter exile. I stay home, write, read, practice yoga and eat simply. But by week’s end I usually have Saturday Night Cabin Fever and feel restless. It’s especially hard around Mardi Gras (Feb 13 this year) when I long to prance in the streets with my New Orleans pals sans heavy coat and scarf. I enviously follow friends on Facebook who are living or traveling in warmer climates snapping selfies in their sarongs and sun dresses Yes, my MOJO has FOMO (fear of missing out). That said, a recent article I read in Time Magazine says my quiet country life is The New Thing. It’s […]

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Why Women Need Folic Acid + Dream Big & Live Better- Jan 30- Fearless Fabulous You!

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailIf you have watched the TV show “The Doctors” you probably have seen Dr. Lisa Masterson who also has a podcast series on women’s health called Health in Heels. Lisa will discuss why folic acid is important to women’s health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends 400 micrograms (mcg) a day. Folic acid is essential for women who are planning to become pregnant but it is also important for healthy skin, hair and nails. Where to find it? Breakfast cereals, citrus leafy greens, whole grains.   Hear from Author Donna Palm on how she went from being […]

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How to Be a Go-Giver Versus Go-Getter

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail“She’s a real go-getter.” I’ve heard that line more times than I can count. It’s a compliment for anyone who likes to take action, try new things, set goals and achieve results. A go-getter makes things happen. She’s an energizer. There’s another type of person. That person is a go-giver. She’s someone who focuses her energy on giving over getting. She seeks to give more of herself than get more from others. Achievement is measured by the meaningful things she does rather by the many things she achieves. A go-getter can also be a go giver. The two are not mutually […]

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Hope & Expectation

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailTwo sisters, Hope and Expectation, sat on a bench one day looking at a distant cousin, The Future. The Future was tall and towering. But she was surrounded by a dense fog making it hard to see her fully. “I hope The Future will be all right. I have faith that things will brighten up for Her,” said Hope. “I expect The Future will be fine. I have invested considerable time and effort into making sure this happens for her,” said Expectation. “But what about Uncertainty? He seems to be a big influence on The Future,”  said Hope. “Uncertainty is just temporary distraction for The Future. I expect things […]

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Learn To Clear Your Love Hurdles

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailSome people have love handles. Others have love hurdles. Love hurdles are the skips and starts, highs and lows we need to clear for a happier love life. It starts with loving yourself and projecting that love. Self love is not easy for some women. Many of us are loving to others but self-doubting or even self-loathing about who we are. We peer into mirrors and tear apart our appearances. We apologize unnecessarily. We compare our lives to others and worry about not keeping up, fitting in or being accepted.  Lives that appear perfect are not. Flawless appearances are […]

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A Resolution Revelation: Shorten Your List!

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailI hope you had a fabulous holiday and have started the New Year with a smile and some bubbles. While many people spend the holidays making their gift list and checking it twice, others focus more attention on their New Year’s resolution list. I am one of those people. As a New Year’s baby, I’ve always taken my resolution making seriously. Each year I bring out my special New Year’s diary and write down 10 resolutions for the year. It has always been 10 resolution plus 10 things I am grateful for. I’ve been doing this same ritual since 1989. Did you know only only […]

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The Greatest Love of All

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailSometimes Valentine’s Day makes me see red. There is so much emphasis on loving couples toasting each other with loving cups of fine wine and sharing platefuls of delicious food. Expectations are as high as the romance meter, not to mention prices at restaurants for those coveted two top tables. One NYC restaurant is charging $1000 per couple for a “gourmand experience.” It’s all fine if you want to buy into it…and if you are a couple. But many of you are single and fabulous. There should be no shame or sadness in being single, either by choice or […]

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Pray It Forward

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailI am counting my blessings this season and especially during my week long visit to my hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee. You see, people in the South have a habit of blessing you often and for many reasons, As in: “Have blessed day!”-  Cashiers seem to say this a lot. “God bless you” – Said anytime for any reason. Not limited to sneezing. “Count your blessings” – What people say when you say life is better or just the same. “Did you say the blessing?” – Said before meals and usually after I have started eating. “You have my blessing.” As […]

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How Can You Miss Me When You Never See Me?

Share this…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailMy husband and I are packing up my one bedroom Manhattan rent stabilized apartment that I’ve lived in for twenty-six years. (Stop! If you live in New York City you may feel you’ve hit apartment pay dirt. My announcing I am giving up a rent stabilized Manhattan apartment is better than trolling the obituaries to see who has died.) We are only moving to our home in the country just 90 minutes away, and I fully expect to be in and out of the city on a regular basis. But, I can’t believe how many people are telling me […]

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