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Attitude Adjustment

Why It’s Important To Speak Out

Share this…The only thing as disturbing as a voice that had been silenced is one that refuses to speak out.  Apathy is even worse than acrimony. Because apathy is about being indifferent versus helping to make a difference. Last week was Equal Pay Day. The date, April 10, was significant because that is the date in 2018 it would take for women’s earnings to finally catch up with what men earn. Women still make around 80 cents on the dollar to men and about $10,000 less in annual salaries. But don’t just blame the system. Too often we just let it happen by not speaking […]

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How to Find your Voice When You Are at a Loss for Words

Share this…Have you ever been in a situation where your words froze? I’m not talking about writer’s block. It’s about being able to verbalize effectively. Recently this happened to me in a meeting where I developed word drool and could not get the sentence out. I attributed it being tired, but I just think my brain froze and disconnected with my words. Fortunately, I gathered my thoughts and rebooted quickly. This happens more than you think. Everyday reasons are stress and fatigue, or perhaps you have strained your voice or become hoarse due to an upper respiratory condition.  A more extreme […]

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Give It Your All. Just Don’t Give It All Away

Share this…Do you feel over-extended? Many of us do. Eager to please and with a desire to succeed at what you set out to do, it’s easy to say “Yes” to every invitation and opportunity to meet, network, collaborate, socialize and support. Humans are naturally bonding creatures, and we want to make people happy and also feel good ourselves. But spreading yourself too thin can cause you to lose focus. And it can also impact your overall health. You don’t want to be so busy helping other people water their lawns to grow their dream garden that the grass turns brown and wilts under your […]

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Knock Out Self-Doubt

Share this…Every so often a little pest creeps into my life and points its ugly antenna at me. The bug is a member of the Doubt species that includes other nuisances like Naysayers, Skeptics and Cynics who try to dump a little Poo-on-You. It can become an infestation if you don’t address it in a timely matter. It can lead to purpose paralysis and death of a dream. Well, here’s a little pest control advice: This species is toxic. So, knock it out as soon as you can. Don’t just sweep to another corner of your life. Dump it and replace it with a […]

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Redefining Abundance

Share this…When I was little girl I loved to read books, and still do. Proud to have my own library card, I checked out as many books as I thought I could read. Often I would end up in tears because I couldn’t finish them all before their due date. As an adult, I’d fill my plate with food and taste every dish at culinary events, eager to try everything. As delicious the food was, the next day indigestion was not worth it. Eager to prove myself, I took on every project I could, only to find myself frantically trying […]

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Three Simple Words for the New Year: Mindful, Purpose, Passion

Share this…Three words to live by to stay vibrant and young in spirit: Mindful, Passion, and Purpose. These are also three words to start your New Year with a New Attitude. Mindful is about being “in the present” and focused on the here and now rather than the “when and what for?” Passion is the spiritual and emotional energy that will help propel you. Passion can be positive energy or negative energy depending on how you channel it. Hopefully positive. Purpose is your intention. I call it you you “Why?” As in “Why” do you want to make something happen? What is […]

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Finding Inspiration in the Face of Challenge

Share this…Almost weekly I’m pitched stories of inspiration from women who have experienced life altering challenges. They have faced near death, disease, loss of income and security, loss of a loved one and physical and/or emotional abuse. What they all have in common is that, despite being whacked down to their knees, these women did not lose their will or spirit. They may waiver but they never give up. Here are their lessons I share with you: It’s good to walk away from something that is harmful or that no longer serves your purpose. But you cannot run away from the challenge ahead. You have […]

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Who Asked Your Opinion?

Share this…“I think you ladies are too old for us,” said the tall young man with the half-mast eyes as we headed into the Nashville honky tonk.  There were three of them and three of us standing in the short line at the bar’s entrance. We were three gal pals spending the weekend away to celebrate a milestone birthday. They were a trio of dudes probably half our age and most definitely half our mental age in terms of intelligence…and manners. I muttered under my breath, “Who asked your opinion anyway?” Inside the bar a nerdy man curled his finger at me as […]

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I Won’t Back Down. And Neither Should You

Share this…October 11 is officially “You Go Girl! Day.”  It’s a day to celebrate women of all ages for standing up and speaking out, beating the odds and staying the course, making an impact and creating opportunities. In the words of the late musician Tom Petty, “Stand your ground. Don’t back down.”  Many people are frustrated with what is happening in the world and in the U.S.A., but few take action. Words may bring awareness and start a conversation, but actions start a movement and make the difference. If you want to see change happen, start with being the change you want to see by […]

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It’s Time To Clean Up the Dirty Talk

Share this…I just returned from attending EXPO East, a giant natural products convention in Baltimore. The first item I tasted was pureed baby food made from boiled, strained vegetables and fruits (but not mixed together) created by a mom (naturally). It was pretty good!  I walked the aisles tasting gut- blasting tonics, fermented juices, root based beverages, mushroom teas and numerous probiotic foods that promised to help clean out my stomach and intestines. I sipped paleo coffee mixed with butter to add “necessary fat” and sampled plenty of reduced fat foods. I nibbled on fiber rich bars and smoothies offering to “help me go.” I tasted foods promising to help […]

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