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It’s Time To Clean Up the Dirty Talk

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditI just returned from attending EXPO East, a giant natural products convention in Baltimore. The first item I tasted was pureed baby food made from boiled, strained vegetables and fruits (but not mixed together) created by a mom (naturally). It was pretty good!  I walked the aisles tasting gut- blasting tonics, fermented juices, root based beverages, mushroom teas and numerous probiotic foods that promised to help clean out my stomach and intestines. I sipped paleo coffee mixed with butter to add “necessary fat” and sampled plenty of reduced fat foods. I nibbled on fiber rich bars and smoothies offering to “help me go.” I tasted foods promising to help […]

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Talking Body Image with Actress Turned Advocate Mary McDonough

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditGrowing up in the public eye can be hard for a child, even one who stars in an award-winning television series. Your entire life, both on and off camera, seems like an open book as you transition from a young girl through adolescence and into womanhood. The challenges faced are the same as all young girls, just magnified. Actress turned Author and Advocate Mary McDonough knows the challenges of maintaining a positive body image and  strong self-worth in an industry where body perfection seems (abnormally) the norm.  Mary portrayed Erin on the hit television series, “The Waltons” and then went on […]

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Five Tips For Safe Sips – What All Women Should Know

Don't let a pretty drink become pretty deadly. When in doubt, dump it out. #practicesafesips

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditMany of my friends have been sending their kids to college. For many it’s their first time living away from home. On a recent edition of Fearless Fabulous You! former law enforcement officer, Steve Kardian, author of “The New Super Power for Women,” said that the period between September and Thanksgiving recess is when freshman females and returning sophomores are most vulnerable to sexual assault. In fact, an estimated one in four women (25% of college women) experience some form of sexual violence (rape, assault, physical force or incapacitation) during their four years of college. Everyone wants to fit […]

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Drawing the Line at Reading Between the Lines

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditAs a child growing in the South in the 1960s, there were things I saw on television or heard adults discuss that scared me.  These included: the Klu Klux Klan, Nazis, Communists, kooks with nukes, the Wicked Witch of the West and her rabid flying monkeys, rabies carrying bats who could infect my dog, Bouffant, and the mean dog catchers who could steal her away from me. My mother told me if I misbehaved she’d send me back to Sears & Roebuck for another model.  I used to thumb through the Sears catalog looking for mail order kids like me. She admonished me for voting for […]

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Mary, There May Be Quilts

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditWhile many stress the importance of first impressions, I’m a believer in taking a second look. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but often an individual needs a deeper read when it comes to her personality. Someone you may consider withdrawn or dull may simply be shy and needs time to warm up to people. Her personality will be slowly coaxed out if you give her a chance. The same goes for life as we know it and the surroundings and objects that fill it. That first date, or the first day of that vacation or school or […]

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How Well Do You Know These Water Safety Tips?

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditSwimming is one of the best exercises around for overall health. It increases your heart rate, builds endurance and muscle strength, and it does not stress your body like some other exercises. Unfortunately, even the best swimmer can be at risk for drowning.  According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, an average of ten people die in the U.S. from unintentional drowning every day. 1 in 5 are children 14 or younger.  Nearly 80% of people who die from drowning are male. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury for death among children and the […]

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Slip This Idea on for Size

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditJust when I was patting myself on the back because my backside now fits into fashionably skinny jeans, I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal that said skinny jeans are no longer in fashion. I guess my behind is behind the times. The article said there is a current backlash to “skinnies.” The new look is “rigid jeans.” These are jeans with no “give” or stretch. That sounds a lot like the kind of people who only talk and don’t listen. Rigid jeans are about taking and not giving; as in, they take time to mold […]

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What No Woman Wants To Discuss, But I Did on Fearless Fabulous YOU!

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestReddit“I Laughed So Hard I Almost Peed in My Pants.” If you have ever said that, you’re not alone.  According to the Urology Care Foundation, “A quarter to a third of men and women in the U.S. suffer from urinary incontinence. About 33 million have overactive bladder (also known as OAB) representing symptoms of urgency, frequency and with or without urge incontinence.”  This article in (April 21, 2015)  reports: “Dr. Elaine Waetjen, gynecologist with the UC Davis Medical Center, has been studying urinary incontinence for more than 16 years and considers it an important but under-acknowledged issue in women’s […]

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The Power of One- Clear Your Mind with These Tips

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditResearch has shown that women are better multi-taskers than men. Human Physiology reported that “men require more brainpower than women when multi-tasking.” I’m not surprised by this. I seem to focus better when I have more to do than less. But what dogs me is concentrating on just one thing for a period of time. My mind drifts. It’s like my brain needs to be in overdrive to thrive. But that doesn’t feel healthy. Have you felt that way? Maybe it’s time to downsize to energize your mind. These days we live with countless distractions which diminish our ability to focus. Technology […]

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Second Chapters: She Left the C-Suite to Become a Cannabis Entrepreneur

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailYummlyDiggPinterestRedditThink you need a college degree to get ahead much less become President of a multi-billion business? Think again.  Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Bill Gates never graduated college. Look where they are today? That’s not to say having a college degree and, better yet, a Master’s Degree, won’t matter. They do, especially in the corporate world and in academia. But, you can succeed in other ways. That’s the story of Stormy Simon, a single mom who started as a temporary worked at and worked her way to the top to become President. During her tenure, Overstock became a top […]

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