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Getting Things Off My Chest: I Have A Voice

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. -Martin Luther King (1929-1968) Theologian/Activist Growing up, children were taught to “be seen and not heard.” It was a matter of being polite around adults. But it is also important to teach children to speak out, especially women and, especially, if they are facing an injustice. Among my few  regrets in life are the times when I didn’t speak up, negotiate harder on a contract  or present myself with my full voice of confidence. Odds were the outcomes did not work in my favor. Often we don’t speak out because we fear repercussions. […]

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Fearless Fabulous Moms & Tastemakers Jan 19

Two loving mothers and talented Tastemakers share their stories on ! January 19, 9-9:50pm ET. Restaurant Consultant  Karine Bakhoum is the only person to have her palate insured by Lloyd’s of London. Her remarkable palate and extensive knowledge of food earned her a spot as a frequent judge on Iron Chef America, which led to the creation of her moniker, the Iron Palate™.  As Founder/Owner of KB Network News she advises restaurant, food and hospitality clients on building their brands. Her clients read like a “Who’s Who”of dining. In addition to her frequent appearances on Iron Chef America, Karine has also […]

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As the Stomach Churns

I’m freshly landed in upstate New York from what has been a month-long holiday whirlwind taking me from Chattanooga to Maui with deliciously decadent pit stops in New York and Bridgehampton. My stomach still hasn’t made it back. I think it made a detour or was replaced by an imposter, a bully of a belly quietly grumbling, heaving and puffing to remind me of the excesses I enjoyed. Belly bloat is just an intestinal hangover…or stomach lag. But a good time was had by all! “Detox” seems to be the word of the month. January is when my inbox is flooded with […]

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Fearless Fabulous Second Acts- Jan 12

My guests January 12 are two women with distinctly different backgrounds who have Second Acts careers, drawing from their first to build their second. Along the way they have navigate their own health Victoria Barghout, Founder, Viver Heath Victoria Barghout, Viver Health Founder, was leading cutting-edge cancer research in the pharmaceutical industry when she was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before her second daughter was born. Reduce Your Risk of Cancer captures her personal action plan of melding modern science and back-to-basics food techniques that enhanced her treatment. By the time of surgery, her aggressive tumor was undetectable. Today, […]

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Text In the City

If anything comes between me and my husband, David, it will be a cell phone. It is interesting how something that is intended to connect two people can actually distance them because someone is spending more time posting comments and photos than looking into your eyes and holding a conversation. It’s not just him.  We are both guilty of socially isolating ourselves to the point where I check in with him and up on his whereabouts on Facebook. He documents my life and whereabouts his phone (Yikes! That Slutty Mrs. Santa photo is viral!) Why? Because we live in a society […]

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Arouse your Inner Aphrodite Dec 29 on Fearless Fabulous You!

Ears will be burning and so will my show topic December 29 on Fearless Fabulous You! on W4WN– the Women for Women Network. My guest is Barbara Musser,  who served as my “sexpert” in my first book, “Getting Things Off My Chest: A Survivor’s Guide to Staying Fearless & Fabulous in the Face of Breast Cancer.” We will dedicate the show to addressing questions about intimacy and sexuality, not only after cancer but also during and after menopause, divorce and a myriad of stages in one’s life where you may need some additional mental lubrication -and a bit more – to reconnect with your sexual […]

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Thoughts on Staying Om for the Holidays

Some people view the holiday season as one of high festivity. Others view it with high anxiety. I bounce back and forth and I find many people feel the same way. Maybe it’s because we are bombarded with temptations to shop more, eat and and drink more and be on our cheeriest best behavior. Maybe it’s because the year is closing to an end and we start to reflect on what has/has not happened in our lives. Maybe we lost someone we loved or have yet to find someone who wants to love us back. For me, I reflect on […]

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Stress Less Holidays on Fearless Fabulous You! Dec 22

How many of you experience holiday stress or anxiety. I know I do. It’s hard to explain when this should be the “happiest time of the year.” Many feel anxious because they lost a loved during the year, and this is the first holiday season without that person. Others feel the financial strain of buying gifts or a pressure to be “festive” when their feelings are less so. Some may be taking stock of their year or their lives and wondering ‘what’s next?” Many people are simply over-scheduled with holiday events and family obligations and not taking time to relax, exercise or […]

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Pray It Forward

I am counting my blessings this season and especially during my week long visit to my hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee. You see, people in the South have a habit of blessing you often and for many reasons, As in: “Have blessed day!”-  Cashiers seem to say this a lot. “God bless you” – Said anytime for any reason. Not limited to sneezing. “Count your blessings” – What people say when you say life is better or just the same. “Did you say the blessing?” – Said before meals and usually after I have started eating. “You have my blessing.” As in […]

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