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Meet Weight-Loss Expert Liz Josefsberg- Fearless Fabulous You!

As an overweight teen and later a Broadway actress, Liz Josefsberg felt the pressures of battling her weight. A veteran of the weight-loss industry who lost- and kept off- 65 pounds herself, Liz has worked with celebrity clients (e.g., Jennifer Hudson, Katie Couric, Jessica Simpson, Charles Barkley) and everyday people to help them manage their weight. Her book, “Target 100” streamlines the weight-loss process into six sensible easy-to-follow guidelines. Liz’s approach makes losing weight and staying in shape fun.   “Six Targets. One Number. Zero Punishment” Here are Liz’s Six Targets to get started: 100 grams of carbs daily (Tip: […]

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Love Your Heart! A Doctor’s Tips for Heart-Health

Heart disease is not just one “disease.” And there are many ways to keep your heart and vascular system healthy by managing your weight, exercising regularly, not smoking and monitoring your blood pressure, says Dr. Elsa- Grace Giardina, Director of the Women’s Health in Cardiology Center at Columbia Univ. Medical Center/Columbia Doctors. Heart disease reamins the #1 killer of women. And many do not even know the signs of a heart attack or other conditions of the cardiovascular system, as in heart (cardio) and arteries & veins (vascular). That’s right! It’s your entire ventricular system keeps your heart beating properly. […]

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Knock Out Self-Doubt

Every so often a little pest creeps into my life and points its ugly antenna at me. The bug is a member of the Doubt species that includes other nuisances like Naysayers, Skeptics and Cynics who try to dump a little Poo-on-You. It can become an infestation if you don’t address it in a timely matter. It can lead to purpose paralysis and death of a dream. Well, here’s a little pest control advice: This species is toxic. So, knock it out as soon as you can. Don’t just sweep to another corner of your life. Dump it and replace it with a Spray […]

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Getting Hygge With It

Just around Groundhog Day I find myself in a self-imposed winter exile. I stay home, write, read, practice yoga and eat simply. But by week’s end I usually have Saturday Night Cabin Fever and feel restless. It’s especially hard around Mardi Gras (Feb 13 this year) when I long to prance in the streets with my New Orleans pals sans heavy coat and scarf. I enviously follow friends on Facebook who are living or traveling in warmer climates snapping selfies in their sarongs and sun dresses Yes, my MOJO has FOMO (fear of missing out). That said, a recent article I read in Time Magazine says my quiet country life is The New Thing. It’s cool […]

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State of the YOUnion

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Are you still on track? If you find yourself in a make ’em, then break ’em mode, you are not alone. Research data has shown that 80% of people break their New Year’s resolutions by February 1st. Read this article. So, if you feel you’re back to your old self in this new year, here is what you can do: Make a FABuary resolution to accomplish Just One Thing. Forget the long list. Just focus on the one thing you can do and stick to it. Keep a journal to document your progress. Sometimes it’s easy to do […]

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The Four Pillars of Natural Healing- DailyOM CoFounder Madisyn Taylor

I am a big fan of the nuggets of inspiration I receive in my inbox from DailyOM. So I was delighted to receive a pitch about its Cofounder, Madisyn Taylor, whose best-selling books include” DailyOM: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy Healthy and Fulfilling Day,” and “DailyOm: Learning To Live.” Madisyn’s new book is “Unmedicated,” which chronicles her struggle with anxiety and panic attacks from an early age. At one point Madisyn’s doctor told her, “You’re the sickest person I know, and I have no idea what is wrong with you.” Madisyn discusses how she weaned herself off prescription medications that were doing more harm than good […]

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Super Women. But Not Super Human.

How does she manage it all? You may wonder this reading about a woman you admire or a friend who is constantly juggling many projects. The answer is: She doesn’t necessarily. Something must give. Or she has help; she delegates. Recently, I spoke on a panel called New Year. New Career hosted by the New York chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier, a national organization whose members are comprised of leading women in food, fine beverage and hospitality. I was one of four panelists who shared their career transition stories. The other three were: Joan Coukos, an investment banker turned chocolatier whom I […]

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How to How To Have Harmonious Hormones. Dr. Prudence Hall

I am convinced that many of the ills women faced are because our hormones go out of whack. January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Did you know women are more likely to have thyroid disease than men? And most individuals are unaware they have thyroid disease. That’s because the many symptoms of a thyroid imbalance are often attributed to another condition, like menopause. As a result, nearly half the people with thyroid disease are not diagnosed, or misdiagnosed. Source: The American Thyroid Association On January 17th my guest is Dr. Prudence Hall, who specializes in regenerative medicine. Many of Dr. Hall’s patients […]

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Here’s To the “Trouble Makers”

I have a soft spot for trouble makers. But these are not the rabble rousers armed with animosity who incite violence and criminal acts. I’m talking about the people who question outdated rules and conventions that no longer work and challenge behavior that for too long has been inappropriate and unjust. They speak out when others remain silent and take action when many hold back in fear of what people will think. They question the “norm” when it no longer feels comfortable and right. They are deemed unconventional in the face of convention. They are full of conviction when others remain complacent. People sometimes refer to them as “trouble […]

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Redefining Abundance

When I was little girl I loved to read books, and still do. Proud to have my own library card, I checked out as many books as I thought I could read. Often I would end up in tears because I couldn’t finish them all before their due date. As an adult, I’d fill my plate with food and taste every dish at culinary events, eager to try everything. As delicious the food was, the next day indigestion was not worth it. Eager to prove myself, I took on every project I could, only to find myself frantically trying to […]

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