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 Yes, I Dew!

I’m lucky. People send me interesting products to taste, sip, apply and try. Many don’t quite past muster, but when they do, I enjoy sharing them. Since I just wrote about thick skin, this one seemed kind of appropriate. I may have thick skin, but it’s also super sensitive when it comes to scrubs and other exfoliants. I want to keep my skin smooth, but most scrubs are just too abrasive!

That’s why I like the Dew Puff Original Konjac Sponge -a 100% natural konjac root plant fiber sponge. Konjac root is known as “elephant yam” in Japanese.

Just add water; cleanser optional.  A light circular rub will dew it. The Dew Puff is soft yet sturdy with just enough, but not too much, pressure on the skin which is usually the problem with other exfoliating sponges and scrubs. The Dew Puff lasts about three months if used twice daily. You can sanitize it in a microwave like a regular sponge. The sponges are also biodegradable and composable

I was sent three samples to try: Original, Asian Clay (for dry and aging skin) and Bamboo Charcoal (for blemish prone skin). And while I could not really tell the difference between any of the three when I used them on my face, I can honestly say they all felt good and made my skin feel smooth without feeling too dry or irritated. Here’s the website to learn more:

Thanks to PR agency Chic Execs who sent the  Dew Puff samples. And a shout out to Sammi Mendoza and Izzie Evans. I am always grateful and happy to give things a try and share if I think they are fabulous and beneficial.

Dew Puff;s suggested retail price is $8 per sponge and 3-packs are avalable.

Buy Dew Puff Now. Click on this Photo:


Here is the 3-pack:

Disclosure: I was not paid to write this post. I was provided samples to try and likes the product.

If you send me samples there is no guarantee I will write about them. However I do offer sponsored posts which include social media promotion. email me at for details.


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