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All Rise!

Sometimes it takes reaching your lowest point to rebuild the foundation to rise up and resolve what lies in front of you. Many of us have been there. You can continue to spiral downward or steer yourself to reverse the course. Seek help and build a support system. Everyone could use guidance, even the counselors and coaches who guide others. But, at the end of the day, it is up to you.

I continue to be amazed and inspired by women who have turned their lives around and who are willing to share their gritty stories to help others realize they are not alone. Facing what you, may define as “failure,” or others may call “a bout of bad luck” or “poor timing,” can feel isolating and overwhelming. It seems like the people who are always there to celebrate your triumphs or tragedies may scatter or turn a deaf ear when you’re facing anything they cannot relate to, that makes them uncomfortable, or feel it could rub off on them.

Whether it is closing a business, losing a job, dissolving a marriage or being turned down for a promotion or opportunity does not mean you have “failed.” It means the situation did not work out and you may need to rework a few things in your life including how you reframe the situation in your head.

Life may be a test of your will and your wits, intelligence and strength, endurance and patience, but it should not to be graded as “Pass” or “Fail.” Life is not competition; it’s a journey. Sometimes we pick the places we visit and experiences we have. Other times they land in our laps.

Either way, leave the test scores for schoolwork and complete your “real life” education without judgements. If you are reading this, you’ve already scored because you are alive and have today to make it all matter and be your own Master of your Life.

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