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Give It Your All. Just Don’t Give It All Away

Do you feel over-extended? Many of us do. Eager to please and with a desire to succeed at what you set out to do, it’s easy to say “Yes” to every invitation and opportunity to meet, network, collaborate, socialize and support. Humans are naturally bonding creatures, and we want to make people happy and also feel good ourselves.

But spreading yourself too thin can cause you to lose focus. And it can also impact your overall health. You don’t want to be so busy helping other people water their lawns to grow their dream garden that the grass turns brown and wilts under your own feet.

When people invite you to join their team, community, cause, fundraiser and business, think hard before you commit.  There is an expectation, a need and a timeline, and you should make make sure you have the passion, time and energy to give it your all.

But also be protective of your time and talent, especially if you are trying to build your own expertise, business or cause, and also to preserve your energy. Keeping active and busy is great as long as you stay grounded. Otherwise, it’s perfectly okay to pull back and say “not right now.”

Here are five signs you may need pull back:

  • you feel fatigued and out of sorts after giving your time;
  • you feel overwhelmed and undervalued;
  • you are going through the motions without feeling emotionally satisfied;
  • you are moving in so many different directions you start losing your focus;
  • your “What am I doing this for?” turns into just a “Whatever.”

Pulling back does not mean giving up. It means giving yourself the time you need to regroup. It’s natural and important, and don’t let anyone make you feel uncomfortable with your decision. Don’t neglect your garden so weeds choke your beautiful flowers, and don’t let anyone trample on your lawn.

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