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What Makes You an Expert?

My inbox is flooded with “experts” offering to help improve my life in many areas. Some are legitimate, well-schooled and professionally trained at their specialty, and it is an honor to have them join me as guests on my radio shows to share their knowledge.

But there is a difference between being an “expert” and an “influencer.” The latter is also flooding my inbox and social media offering advice and tips, usually with beautiful photos. And they are gaining traction for their large followings. Good for them!

But they are not necessarily experts.

I recently attended a webinar on how to become an expert, influence people and make money- all from home in my yoga pants. You can sign up, too. It was free for the first session and then a special discount to sign up for the full on-line course. There was also a free eBook.

Here’s how it works in simple steps:

You identify the niche and target audience, create the platform (blog,video, social media, etc), with a catchy and searchable title and add eye-popping action images and well-crafted targeted messaging that draws people in.

You post and promote to spread the word and repeat the message points with clever copy twists and more images.

You provide a free offer to sign up and join your community or tribe and encourage people to share with friends, sometimes with an incentive.

Then you offer to write free blog posts in exchange for more exposure and reach out to other influencers with larger followings and suggest cross-posting and linking.

You may choose to write a 100-page self-published book on the topic and give away a sample chapter, or offer a free on-line class or advisory session on your identified topic.

Start a podcast and film a video to discuss your topic. Aim for a TED Talk.

Finally, you hire a publicist to promote you. Because you are now an expert.

Or are you just a smart marketer and self-promoter?

I encourage people to be enthusiasts and passionate about things they enjoy and care about. Cultivate your talents. Keep learning and growing. Share your wisdom to help others and enrich lives. Advocacy and activism are great ways to be involved and facilitate positive change. Embrace healthy living, cleaning up the environment, supporting gender equality and speaking out for what you believe is good and right. Share your story to encourage others facing a challenging path you once walked.

Do it all with authenticity and sincerity. But don’t assume or position yourself in the role of expert unless you have years of experience and education, undergone training and proven yourself which takes time. People who truly qualify as experts earned it by working hard and investing time and money into learning, growing and doing the work.

There is no such thing as an Insta-Expert. True Gurus and Goddesses are serious masters at what they do and accomplish, not masters of illusion. Or is that a delusion about the world as we know it today? After all ,actors can lead governments and college dropouts are tech billionnaires.

What do I know?  I may not be an expert at much, but after spending 30 years working in marketing and public relations, I know you can spin it until you win it and fake it until you make it. Many do and do it well.

I’ll let you mull that one over.

Believe what you want.

Believe what you want. Photo ID 103880472 © Kristyna Vagnerova

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