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Meet Weight-Loss Expert Liz Josefsberg- Fearless Fabulous You!

As an overweight teen and later a Broadway actress, Liz Josefsberg felt the pressures of battling her weight. A veteran of the weight-loss industry who lost- and kept off- 65 pounds herself, Liz has worked with celebrity clients (e.g., Jennifer Hudson, Katie Couric, Jessica Simpson, Charles Barkley) and everyday people to help them manage their weight.

Her book, “Target 100” streamlines the weight-loss process into six sensible easy-to-follow guidelines. Liz’s approach makes losing weight and staying in shape fun.


“Six Targets. One Number. Zero Punishment”

Here are Liz’s Six Targets to get started:

100 grams of carbs daily (Tip: start by eliminating processed foods and sugar)

100 ounces of water daily (Tip: buy yourself a colorful water bottle for your desk and set you alarm to take water breaks)

100 minutes of exercise weekly (Tip: this means getting your heart rate up not a slow saunter. Think about breaking into 15-20-30 exercise spurts.)

100 minutes of extra movement weekly (Tip: take the stairs. Get off one subway stop earlier. Park further away and walk to your destination.)

100 minutes of stress relief weekly (Tip: try coloring or drawing or journaling. Buy a pretty notebook or pad and colorful pens and pencils. Or try a fun mobile coloring app like

100 minutes of extra sleep weekly (Tip: Try going to bed 30 minutes earlier, or try a 15-20 minute afternoon power nap.)

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