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I Won’t Back Down. And Neither Should You

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October 11 is officially “You Go Girl! Day.”  It’s a day to celebrate women of all ages for standing up and speaking out, beating the odds and staying the course, making an impact and creating opportunities.

In the words of the late musician Tom Petty, “Stand your ground. Don’t back down.”  Many people are frustrated with what is happening in the world and in the U.S.A., but few take action. Words may bring awareness and start a conversation, but actions start a movement and make the difference.

If you want to see change happen, start with being the change you want to see by taking action.

This is our time to take a stand. Whether it’s hate crimes, the opiod epidemic, gun control, sexism in the workplace, equal pay for equal work, a woman’s right to make her own health decisions, health insurance and policies that adequately cover women, fighting domestic abuse, child abuse or animal abuse, or any other of the myriad issues that dominate our headlines and social media today, we need to stand up for what we believe is right and fair, and not back down.

If you have ever been talked down to, discriminated against, or excluded from something because you are a woman– and many of us have- stand up and speak out, and don’t back down.

If you are appalled that of a group of mainly men in Congress is making decisions about the health and well-being of women in this country, stand up and speak out, and don’t back down.

If you believe women should not be demonized as nasty, demoralized as a sex object or marginalized as inferior to anyone, stand your ground and don’t back down.

If your heart aches for every mother, daughter, sister, or spouse who has lost a loved one to gun violence in this country, speak out. Stand your ground, and don’t back down.

If you are sick and tired of waking up to news that makes you want to pull the covers over your head, stand up and speak out. Stand your ground and don’t back down.

If you want make life better for yourself and for others, lead by example. And don’t let anyone discourage you or try to put you in your placeSome people are inspired; others are intimidated. Focus on inspiring. And don’t back down.

Turning off the television and dialing down from digital can shield you from the news, but it won’t change reality. Tuning out is not the answer. Neither is turning away. Speaking out is. And now is our time to do it.

The women in Hollywood who came out publicly to shed light on entertainment mogul, Harvey Weinstein’s multitude of improprieties had had enough. As courageous as their speaking out was, sadly it took three decades to open up the can of worms about this industry snake.  Women stayed silent; others looked the other way. But no longer. Of course, it took centuries for women in Saudi Arabia to earn the “right” to drive a car this past month. Imagine what they fought for, risked their lives for, and finally won because they didn’t back down.

Reflecting on my own life I know my most regrettable decisions were when when I backed down and settled on something that hit a discordant chord in my heart. Opening up, taking a stand and not holding things in made the difference. If you can’t be true to yourself, can you really be true to anyone else?

I’ve been called “badass” and I consider that a good thing. Because over time I’ve learned not to back down or be backed into a corner.  How about you?








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