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The Goddess of Gadgets & Learn About Body Kindness- Fearless Fabulous YOU!

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She’s the Goddess of Gadgets

Imagine inventing every day products that help simplify the lives of others, and making money doing it. That’s Lisa Ximenez, the self-described “Goddess of Gadgets. She’ll discuss her journey from inventor to successful entrepreneur including her latest product, the Bump It Off silicone hand sleeve/scrubber which is a helpful product for anyone who hates handling scummy sponges like I do.

Lisa Ximenez


Be Kinder to Your Body

Rebecca Scritchfield, RD, believes the word “diet” should just go away. (Any word with “die” in it is a downer, right!)  Instead of denying yourself, why not give You more? She discusses her concept of Spiraling Up to care for your well-being to achieve whole body happiness with me April 3 on Fearless Fabulous YOU!

Rebecca Scritchfield, author of “Body Kindness”




April 3, 4PM EST on Fearless Fabulous You! iHeart

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