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Who Let the Dogs In?

I am passionate about animal rescue. I have adopted two rescued Maltese pups and would welcome more if my lifestyle allowed it. That’s why a national news story this week about Turkey Dogs  captured my attention: (How Instanbul’s Street Dogs Ended Up in America

Turkey dogs waiting to be adopted. Photo

Animal rescue organizations are helping to bring abandoned Golden Retriever dogs from Turkey to the USA to find Forever Homes. Once considered a status symbol among the Turkish elite, hundreds of purebred Golden Labs have been dumped into the streets to fend for themselves, often with horrendous consequences. This happens when people need to make decisions between their personal welfare and their animal welfare. Hardship creates hard decisions. It can also make people hard of heart. These dogs did nothing to deserve being abandoned.

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The story made me smile. These dogs are finding new futures in America where they are welcome and safe.  What dogs me is this: Why can’t we have that same attitude to human immigrants seeking better lives in the USA? Granted, Turkey is not on the current “banned list” but the issue is the attitude of “stay out and get out.”  The reality is, you may have a better chance of coming into this country as a dog seeking asylum from abuse than as a human.

Just like my post  last week on why my Sazerac has better health insurance than me…..acts of kindness matter more than acts of Congress when it comes to making humane decisions. The fur continues to fly over this topic. In this case our furry friends have the advantage.

Humanitarians make things happen faster than politicians. #fearlessfabulousyou

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