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Turning Fear to Fear-Less

I like to help people transform their “Now What?” into their “Do It Now!” Many people live in a state of Now What? and can’t seem to cross the border into new horizons. Often what is holding them back is the energy that can propel them forward: fear.

Fear is an amazing energy source that can jump start any action, good or bad, if channeled properly. Fear can give birth to purpose. It can change the course of your life for the better. It can give you more clarity for what really matters. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I learned to re-channel my fear to focus on living better and more purposefully. I stopped being fearful of what people would think of me and started speaking my mind, giving birth to my own voice. To lose your grip on fear; you need to re-channel that amazing energy force into something you love doing. I threw myself into writing. Others take up dance or cooking or painting. It’s whatever you enjoy.

No one is ever truly fearless. Fear is an unwanted visitor that tries to linger in your mind and body. Your goal is to send it packing and not allow it to nest. I often compare fear to having hot flashes. My fear flashes are usually triggered by a news item on television, or a sudden panic attack about money, or I read about a woman who lost her battle with breast cancer. It happens. I treat my fear-flashes much like my hot flashes: drink plenty of water, get fresh air, move my body, center through meditation or yoga, and call or write a friend to think about them and not me.

Next time you have a fear-flash, here are five ways to turn it into positive energy:

1. Write down five things you love about yourself.

2. Write down five talents or skills you have that you enjoy, and think about other ways to use them.

3. Write down five things you would rather be doing than fretting. Act on one of them. (OK, if one of them is jetting to Peru, then plan a virtual trip!)

4. Call or write five friends – or new acquaintances – to ask them what they are up to and just listen and respond. Schedule a date with at least one of them to get together in person. Filling up your dance card with enjoyable activities allows less time for fear to squeeze into place.

5. Change your location. Move away from the spot where fear is starting to fester. Get up from the desk. Turn off the TV. Take a walk. Go for a ride. If you cannot physically change your location, move your mind away with a healthy distraction. One of my personal favorites is dancing to music. My husband, David is getting used to seeing me pop up and start hip-hop gyrating at strange times of the day and night. Sometimes, he even joins in.

Fear seems to latch on to people whose minds are a bit sedentary. So flex your mental muscle and allow yourself be utterly and crazily creative. Dump any emotional flotsam and jetsam floating inside your head.  Re-route  “no way” into “get out of my way” and give fear a run for its money. You can take that to the bank!

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